7 Ways To Create Good Feng Shui In Your Home For 2021

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You’ve probably heard of feng shui, but do you know what it means? This ancient Chinese philosophy aimed to bring wellness into the home is enjoying a resurgence in 2020.

Embracing feng shui can help you to create a calm, serene environment in your house – and after the challenges of this year, it makes perfect sense to welcome in 2021 with a little more serenity and peace!

We’ve put together seven simple tips to create good feng shui in your home, to bring tranquillity and luck to you every day. If you’re planning on selling your house, some people even believe that using feng shui techniques can attract good energy to help you sell your home quicker! So, clear your weekend schedule, and prepare to make your home a haven of serenity as we head into the new year.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is the practice of arranging furniture and objects in your living space in a way that creates a sense of balance with the natural world, creating harmony between you and your home.

Feng shui literally translates as ‘wind-water’. This is important, because the philosophy of feng shui is all about letting energy flow through your home, like wind or water, and creating a sense of harmony that moves through your space.

Our top tips for creating peaceful feng shui in your home focus on opening up space as you move through your house, which will make your home feel bigger and more attractive – and maybe even help to attract prospective buyers.

1.      Start with your home’s entryway

In feng shui, the entry to your home represents how energy enters your home and your life, so this is a great first place to start creating good feng shui in your home.

Declutter the area as much you can, add houseplants to the space and make sure the area is bright and well lit too. If you tend to use the back door to enter your home, try and use the front door more often as this will best create the best feng shui.

2.      Clean your windows

In feng shui, windows symbolise our eyes – we want to be able to see everything as clearly as we can, and that goes for looking out of your home too. That’s why it’s important to ensure your windows are always as clean as can be. Instead of using cleaning products filled with chemicals, the feng shui way is to use natural cleaning solutions such as white wine vinegar and water. Not to mention, any prospective house buyers will be looking for kerb appeal, and sparkling windows will definitely help to draw people in.

3.      Focus on your doors

As windows represent eyes, doors represent our voices and communication in feng shui, as they are both portals for opportunity and growth. You should start by checking if all your doors are working correctly and the hinges aren’t squeaking – if a bad winter has left your door a little worse for wear, make sure to check your door’s frames and hinges. In feng shui, a creaky door symbolises crying and can affect our positivity and wellbeing, so make sure to fix any squeaks or creaks to create a more positive energy in your home.

4.      Master the command position

One of the most important principles in feng shui is the ‘command position’. This is a way to position furniture in a way that emphasises power and security. To set up the command position in any room, put the main piece of furniture (like the sofa, a bed or your desk) somewhere so that you can see the door, but you’re not directly in line with it – a diagonal position is best.

When you’re sat, stood or working in command position, you feel comfortably in charge of the room, aware of anyone coming in and going out. Placing your bed against a wall creates a sense of security and grounding, two feelings which will help you get a good night’s sleep. Using the principles of feng shui, command position can make you feel more in command of your life, and it can symbolise great opportunities for you.

5.      Think about the vertical

Adding vertical lines to your home creates a sense of growth and expansion, and can make your space feel taller and more spacious. You can add vertical space by adding uplighters as lamps or on walls, or a tall plant or bookshelves in a place that encourages the eye to travel upwards. Adding vertical lines and working with the space you have will help to create the feeling of height… and adding this extra dimension will also help any potential house viewers to see the potential of the space!

6.      Create clean and clear space

It’s always a good tip to keep your home free of clutter and mess, but in feng shui, clutter is more than just an annoyance – it takes up valuable space that could be occupied by new, incoming energy. By letting these items go, you’re opening up new space for opportunity in the future. The ‘flow’ of your space can be blocked by clutter, drawing your eyes in lots of different directions and confusing your focus. After all, it’s harder to concentrate on your work if your home office is full of piles of books, or to enjoy downtime if your living room is full of reminders of tasks you need to complete. You don’t have to apply the Marie Kondo method to everything in your home, but take the time to clear work surfaces each day to keep things clean and clear.

7.      Bring the outside inside

In feng shui, positioning certain plants in certain areas can bring good luck, banish negative feelings, and make your space feel healthier. Adding plants to your home brings the natural world into your space, for a welcoming feeling. For example, jasmine is meant to help strengthen relationships, and the soothing fragrance which can calm and relax – so keep a jasmine plant within 3 feet of your bed for marital harmony. Lucky bamboo is another great pick, with vertical shoots that encourage growth and a peaceful energy that doesn’t need a lot of attention or sunlight to grow.

With 2021 on the horizon, now is a great time to practice some feng shui principles in your home, to create a fresh start and a positive environment. From cleaning your windows to oiling door hinges, it’s simple and easy to start practicing some feng shui philosophies in your house, and hopefully bringing a positive energy that will help you love your home, or even help it to sell. If you’re looking to manifest some positive energy and sell your home quickly, get in touch. And for more home and interior guides, check out the Good Move blog.

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