Brits’ Biggest Bugbears of Living With a Partner – Do You Agree?

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According to our new study, 22% of UK couples move in together after dating for 1-2 years. Moreover, 7% move in together having only dated for three months or less. Making the all-important decision to take the next step in a relationship and move in together is an exciting milestone for many couples.

But, according to Brits, certain bugbears often arise once we begin living with a partner. From leaving clothes and shoes everywhere, to dirty dishes and avoiding chores, these are Britons’ biggest annoyances of living with a partner.



Coming in first place, 22% of our respondents say their biggest annoyance is when their partner leaves clothes, shoes, and bags everywhere. Leaving the toilet seat up shortly follows.

Moreover, 21% hate it when their partner doesn’t do the washing up, whilst 19% are tired of finding hair in the bath plug. Other funny pet peeves include staining the sheets with fake tan, snoring, and leaving beard trimmings around the sink. Seems us Brits have some real cleaning up to do!

Delving further into Britons’ opinions about living with their partner, we also asked respondents if they had ever broken up with a love interest once they had moved in together. Whilst 44% stated they hadn’t, 10% revealed they had broken up after 10-12 months, whilst 9% broke up having lived together for only 7-9 months. Maybe they hadn’t prepared themselves for some of the annoying habits us Britons have!?

Tips for moving in with your partner:

1. Talk things over if certain things are annoying you

If certain habits begin to test you, don’t let these fester as they’re more likely to lead to a full-blown argument. Check-in regularly with your partner and discuss any issues. Be as open and honest as possible.

2. Divide and conquer household chores

Talk through your household chores and agree on which ones you would each like to take. This way it’s fair and you both had set tasks which should help avoid any arguments arising. Alternatively, for ease – and to avoid arguments! – you could do the chores together.

3. Personal space

It’s important to still have some well deserved “me” time when you begin living together. Make sure you each have a comfortable space where you can retreat to when you want some alone time. Whether that’s your bedroom, spare room, or a study/office, take this time to relax and do what you love, whether that’s watching TV, reading, or evening having a nap.

If you’re in the process of looking to purchase a property with your partner, take a look at our house viewing checklist and take this with you when you view a house to ensure you’re considering everything. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your current property fast so you can move in together, then get in touch with us.

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