House Viewing Checklist

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Your first house viewing can be super exciting – and it’s likely you’ve already been won over by pictures of the property you’ve seen online or at an estate agent’s. But it’s important to never take a home you’re interested in buying on face value, and try not to get carried away by excitement – you should be thorough with your house viewings to really make sure this is the right home for you.

We’ve put together a checklist below that you can read before that all important viewing, to make sure you don’t miss anything that could cost you a lot down the road. You could even take it with you, to act as a handy reminder while you explore your potential next home.

Pre-viewing checks

When a house catches your eye, it’s important to do some initial checks at home before you go to view it. These checks can tell you at a glance whether or not it’s even worth going to view the house, as you’ll have to really think about whether or not it’s suitable.

  • What’s the ECP rating on the property?
  • Is it in a conservation zone?
  • Does it have planning permission for any future renovations?
  • If you have children, is there a school nearby – and is it rated highly?
  • Are there leisure and shopping centres within a reasonable distance?
  • Is the house part of a chain – and if it is, how many houses are involved, and what is their status?
  • What is the crime rate like in the area?
  • Are there good transport links?
  • Is the house near any noisy main roads or train tracks?
  • How much is the council tax?
  • Is the property at risk of flooding?

Initial checks

If your pre-viewing checks all came back grand, think about the following when you first get to the viewing. While they’re not specific to any room, these overall checks will have you considering the convenience, safety and security of the house. You might not be able to see all of this for yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask whoever is guiding your viewing for more information.

  • Does the house have parking?
  • Are the doors and windows secure, efficient and free from damage?
  • Are there any smoke or burglar alarms?
  • Have the current owners experienced any disputes with the neighbours?
  • Is there any damp in the house?
  • Are there any holes in the walls, or any other structural issues?
  • Are the electrics and plumbing up to standard – are there enough plug sockets, and is the water pressure strong enough?
  • Are there any structural issues?
  • How old is the boiler – or is there an immersion heater?
  • Are there any cracks?
  • Is the roof in good condition?
  • Do all windows and doors open and close with ease?
  • Why is the property being sold?
  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • Is traffic difficult in peak hours?

Living room

Likely the first room you’ll see, the living room might well be the space in your new home you spend most of your time. While it’s important to check out all of the logistics below, also take a minute to think about whether or not you can really see yourself settling down in this space on an evening!

  • Is it easy to regulate the temperature in this room across the seasons?
  • Does the room get enough natural light?
  • If there is a gas or electric fire, is it working – and is the fireplace to your taste?
  • Are there any unsightly marks on the walls?
  • What condition is the carpet in?
  • Is the ceiling plaster textured?
  • Are there enough plug sockets?


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house – there’s a lot that can make a kitchen favourable, and a lot that can make it a frustrating place to cook. Make sure to pay special attention when viewing this room.

  • Which fittings and appliances are included in the sale?
  • Are the appliances that will be included in working condition – and are they under warranty?
  • Are the counters and cupboards to your taste?
  • Are the cupboards and drawers in good, working condition? (Always ask before opening them!)
  • Are there any leaks?
  • Will the kitchen be professionally cleaned before you move in?
  • Has the kitchen been child-proofed with permanent fixings?
  • Are there enough rooms and enough plug sockets for all of your kitchen appliances?
  • Is there enough storage space?

Dining room

If your property has a dining room, it’s a great place to get together with friends and family to enjoy a home-cooked (or store bought!) meal – so make sure it’s a space you feel you’d be able to entertain in.

  • Does the room get enough natural light?
  • How large is the space?
  • Would you be able to fit furniture through the door easily – for example, a large dining table and chairs?
  • Do the floors look easy to clean – are they hardwood, or carpet?
  • Is the ceiling plaster textured?
  • Are there enough plug sockets?


Bedrooms should be the perfect place for some rest and relaxation. It’s important to ensure bedrooms have that cosy feeling – can you see yourself snuggled up here after a long day?

  • Is there enough storage space?
  • Are there any built-in wardrobes?
  • Will the curtain fittings or blinds be included in the sale?
  • What condition is the flooring in?
  • Is there enough room for bedroom furniture?
  • Is it easy to regulate the temperature in these rooms?
  • Are there any streetlights outside the windows?
  • Are the rooms well ventilated – or do the current owners have to use dehumidifiers?
  • Are there any unusual marks on the wallpaper – such as bubbling, or mould?
  • Are there enough plug sockets?


The bathroom definitely deserves a lot of extra attention on a viewing – there’s a lot that can go wrong, and fitting a new bathroom can be a pricy affair.

  • Are there any leaks?
  • Is there any mould or discolouration on the grouting?
  • Is the general look of the bathroom to your taste?
  • Is there just a bath, or a bath and shower combination?
  • Does the shower have a removable head?
  • Does the toilet flush correctly?
  • Do all taps work?
  • Is the water pressure strong enough?
  • Is the bath correctly sealed?
  • Are there any stains or cracks on the toilet, bath, sink or tiling?
  • Is there an extractor fan?


If there’s a garden – you might think the property is already at an advantage! However, certain garden issues can lead to a lot of hassle on their own, so make sure to give outdoor space a thorough once-over.

  • Is the garden private or shared?
  • Do other houses overlook the garden?
  • Where are the boundaries?
  • Which direction does the garden face – does it get more sun in the morning, evening, or all-day round?
  • Are bordering fences and trees yours or your neighbour’s responsibility?
  • If there’s a shed, what condition is it in?
  • Will the seller be removing anything from the garden when they move?
  • Are there any damaging plants in the garden, like Japanese Knotweed or ivy?

We hope your viewing goes well, and you find your dream home without fault. However, if you do need any assistance, you can avoid being gazumped by selling your own home as quickly as possible with Good Move. We’ll be able to give you a cash offer within 24 hours – and we can buy your home in as little at 7 days. Just fill out our online form or get in touch with a member of our team today.

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