How Quickly Can a House Sale Be Completed?

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If you’re looking to sell your house quickly, you’re probably considering all of your potential options. You want a sale that comes in at considerably less time than the average four to six months most homes sit on the market today in the UK. What can you do to make sure that’s a reality for you? Consider using the term “No Onward Chain” in your marketing.

Working with an Estate Agent

There are almost 20,000 estate agents in the UK, and most people turn to an estate agent before they try any other method of selling their home. How quickly can a house sale go through with an estate agent on your side? Despite their in-depth knowledge of the market and how to attract buyers, though, they often don’t do sellers any real favours when it comes to the timeline. Instead, on average, working with an estate agent often means a property sale can take more than six months. At that time, they’ll do their best to properly market, teach you how to stage a house for a quick sale, and more. Given that this is easily the most expensive way to sell a home, though, you’d imagine this knowledge pays off, so it’s quite frustrating that the idea of a quick house sale using this method just doesn’t exist. Understanding the answer to the question of “How quickly can a house sale complete the process with an estate agent” is an important consideration before you ever list.

Selling Your Home on Your Own

Over the past several years, many people have decided to sell their homes without the assistance of an estate agent, hoping for a quick house sale. Instead, they choose to list their houses alone through social media and online real estate services. How quickly can you complete a house sale in this manner? This process can be quite a bit faster. How quick can a house sale go through actually when you’re selling it on your own? On average, it could take as little as three months to sell your home in this manner. The answer to how quickly a house sale go through in this manner, though, depends a bit on you.  It’s important to note, though, that as a seller, you’ll be doing far more work than you ever imagined in those three months. Initially, you have to handle all of the research to price your home well while still prepping it for the market. From there, it’s on your shoulders to take great real estate photos. It will also be for you to come up with a clever description for your home online and conduct showings. Furthermore, you’ll need to obtain an EPC and work with a conveyancing solicitor to help close the process out.

Working with a Cash Buyer

Sales of houses – quick sales in particular –  have been completely redefined thanks to cash buyers. What is a quick sale of a house? Instead of waiting three to six months on the sale of houses, quick sales happen faster with cash buyers. How quickly can a cash house sale go through? Often within a fortnight. The best part, however, is that cash buyers purchase homes in as-is condition. That means you’ll never need to spend your own funds on upgrades, kerb appeal, or even a deep clean. Instead, just contact a cash buyer and start the process of a quick house sale.  When it comes to houses, quick sales demand cash buyers.

Selecting the Right Process to Meet Your Needs

Learning the answer to how quickly can a house sale go through, UK sellers have found, means making a tough choice. Understanding how to get a quick sale on your house demands selecting the right method. The reality is that selling your home can be a far longer process than you initially imagined. To make the right choice, know the answer to how quickly can house sales go through

Using the various methods. While many people ponder, “I wonder how to sale my house quickly,” the answer can be complex and different for each person. A cash buyer means a faster sale, but it’s not always the right choice.

How To Make a Quick Sale On a House?

If you think a cash sale might be right for you, a bit of investigation is your next best step. Knowing how to make a quick sale on your house for cash isn’t hard, but it isn’t right for everyone. Understanding how to get a quick house sale, though, may mean your only option is a cash buyer.

To learn more about how to sell a house quickly and whether it’s right for your home, give us a call today. We’ll help you better understand how to sell your house quickly.

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