Seller’s Roadmap: Planning And Executing A House Sale In Today’s UK Property Market

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For homeowners looking to sell their property in today’s UK market, the process requires careful planning and execution to maximise sale potential. With market conditions constantly shifting and various steps to coordinate, navigating a successful house sale can appear daunting. This article provides a comprehensive roadmap for sellers, examining key considerations around timing, pre-sale preparation, listing strategies, conveyancing essentials and closing the sale. It offers guidance on factors influencing current market conditions and saleability. By following this seller’s roadmap, homeowners can approach the process strategically, make informed decisions and achieve the optimum outcome.

Are Houses Selling Right Now?

In today’s market, houses are selling but timeframes vary across regions and price brackets:

  • First-time buyer properties are moving fast, spurred by stamp duty cuts and Help to Buy.
  • Mid-range family homes are broadly selling well, benefitting from demand post-lockdowns.
  • High-end properties are slower, impacted by rising mortgage rates and cost of living pressures on buyers.
  • Location influences local demand – outer regions have quicker turnover than London.

On average, properties are taking around 2-3 months to sell if priced competitively. But right-priced, desirable homes in high-demand areas are selling within weeks. Regular monitoring of local sales evidence is key.

Top Preparation Tips Before Listing

To maximise sale potential, key preparations include:

  • Decluttering throughout to streamline each room and highlight space.
  • Styling to reflect current neutral trends, removing bold/dated decor choices.
  • Minor repairs to handle any wear and tear issues like cracked tiles or squeaky doors.
  • Deep cleaning including carpets, walls, windows and gardens to create a pristine finish.
  • External touch-ups to boost kerb appeal like painting, landscaping, and power washing.
  • Arranging an EPC assessment to obtain the energy efficiency rating.

Taking time over these preparations signals to buyers a well-cared-for home and facilitates maximum valuations.

Picking the Optimal Listing Strategy

Key choices around listing include:

  • Guide price – Research local comparable sales to set pricing expectations. Price competitively to generate interest.
  • Agent selection – Consider sales records, marketing reach and commission rates.
  • Auction vs. Private – Auction trades speed for lower prices – optimal for urgency. Private sales allow more control.
  • Viewings – Decide policies around accompanied viewings, pets, shoes etc. to protect your home.
  • Listing detail – Focus on standout features, specifications and location while remaining objective.

Aligning the listing strategy closely with the type and condition of the property ensures the sales process is tailored for success.

Navigating the Conveyancing Stage

To keep transactions moving along, sellers should:

  • Gather supporting paperwork early – title deeds, EPCs, leasehold documents etc.
  • Complete property disclosure forms comprehensively to surface any issues.
  • Negotiate fixtures and fittings to be included/excluded and remove any valued items.
  • Liaise with mortgage providers on approvals for sale.
  • Answer buyer enquiries promptly to build trust.
  • Aim for sales progression at typical timescales of 4-6 weeks from listing to exchange.

Proactive conveyancing cooperation from the seller’s side prevents potential delays.

Closing the Sale Smoothly

As sale completion approaches:

  • Reconfirm arrangements around possessions removal, leaving keys etc.
  • Change utilities billing over to the new owner.
  • Finalise details for forwarding mail.
  • Have funds ready to repay any mortgages on the property.
  • Confirm the sold price matches all paperwork and figures agreed during conveyancing.
  • Ensure the agent has agreed on commission payment options.
  • Plan how net sale proceeds will be used – next home, savings, etc.

With a few remaining loose ends tied up, sales can then be concluded, letting sellers move on to their next property plans.


While undeniably involved, selling a home can be kept on track by following this roadmap of practical steps. Are houses selling right now?, you might wonder. From preparing the property to selecting the best listing strategy, managing conveyancing procedures and tying up completion details, sellers can take command of the process. Understanding current market trends provides context on likely timeframes and sale prices too. With everything planned and executed methodically using professional support where needed, sellers can anticipate a high probability of success in today’s active property market.

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