The Top 10 Jobs Of 2020 And The UK Hotspots For 2021

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Whether you’re switching career or looking to climb your way up the employment ladder, searching for a professional role can be difficult.

At Good Move, we’ve investigated the top jobs of the last twelve months, based on opportunity and salary, to reveal the career hotspots for 2021.

Read on to discover the regions offering the greatest availability, the average salaries across a range of industries, and what the new year might have in store for you.

Where to find career opportunities in 2021

While it’s clear that this past year has thrown up complications and challenges for many professionals, there are definite signs that the new year will bring about plenty of career prospects. We’ve researched and analysed the ten most available jobs of 2020 to reveal the UK regions best positioned to offer opportunity in 2021.

Find success in the Capital

It’ll likely come as little surprise, but a large chunk of roles across the nation’s ten most available career paths are London-based. With over 40% of overall opportunities across the list found in London, there’s really no shortage of vacancies for those on the lookout.

In fact, the Capital proves to be the place to position yourself if you’re in the business of product management or dev ops engineering, with nearly 50% of all 2020 positions placed here, while an impressive 71% of data science opportunities were based in the city – highlighting London as a genuine data hotspot.

Expand your search nationwide

London might be the financial powerhouse of the UK, and a major player worldwide, but it’s important to acknowledge the incredible rate of opportunities that have popped up across the rest of the country. With almost two thirds of all popular positions over the last year dotted elsewhere, you’re sure to uncover your next role wherever you’re based.

Despite the southwards lean, directed mostly towards the Capital, South West, and South East, there’s plenty of opportunities in the north.

Ranking in the top three regions for product, operations, business development, finance, delivery, and contract manager positions, our research has shown the North West to also be a hot bed of possibility. With a broad array of opportunity and considerably cheaper living costs than their southern rivals, there’s plenty of incentive to relocate to Manchester or Liverpool.

 How does this compare to the average salary across a range of industries?

Location and general job vacancy aren’t the only driving factors when it comes to searching for your next career move. Of course, money talks. So, we’ve explored the highest paying opportunities for you to explore.

High value vacancies on the lookout for talent

Assessing our research of the top ten most widely available jobs, it’s clear to see businesses and companies are constantly offering well-paid opportunities up and down the country, with each vacancy offering well above the national average salary of around £35,000.

Sitting comfortably at the top of the table, enterprise architect positions offer a sizzling £75,931 average salary, closely followed by product manager roles (£62,943 average salary) and operations manager roles (£55,511 average salary).

Find the balance between opportunity and salary

While the top paying positions are glamorous and well-salaried, they’ve proven hard to come by. The top-paid Enterprise Architect job accounts for just over 450 roles, while the most available job (Delivery manager) has over 11,000 active opportunities online, but is one of the least well-paid jobs of the top ten, at a £43,183 average salary.

What will the job market look like over the next 12 months?

As has expertly been highlighted over the last twelve months, it can be a dangerous strategy trying to plan and predict the coming year too closely. However, with businesses adapting and thriving, or beginning to find their feet again, keep your eyes out for definite growth in a variety of departments across a range of sectors and industries. The greatest gaps in the job market are likely to be found across delivery and operations, with these two managerial positions accounting for over 40% of all our examined opportunities.

Whether you’re hunting down that ambitious next step or looking for the perfect new job, 2021 is set to be as strong as 2020 was unpredictable. For all the latest news, updates, and guidance on making your home your sanctuary, whether you’re working or not, explore our blog.

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