13 Of The Cheapest Properties Sold In The UK In Recent Times

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There are numerous factors that can impact house prices, with a drastic contrast between the most expensive houses in the country, and the cheapest. Our latest research has delved into the most, and least expensive properties sold in the UK in the last few years.

We found extreme bargains that are worth shouting about, including a house in Leicester which sold for a miniscule £900!

13 of the cheapest properties sold in the UK in the last few years are listed below:

  1. Three-bedroom semi-detached house in Leicester, £900
Property in Leicester

Source: Rightmove

At an absolute bargain price of £900, this three bedroom property was sold in November 2017. Now, we’re not 100% sure on the reasons behind the price of this house, and this is definitely more of a one-off than a common occurrence, however we simply had to include it in this round-up.

On average, a semi-detached property in Leicester will set you back £209,167[1], close to the national average of £226,798[2].

  1. Two-bedroom semi-detached house in Manchester, £2,000
Property in Manchester


Another extremely cheap property was this two-bedroom semi-detached house in Manchester. This house was sold for £229,394 less than the average for a property of this type in Manchester[3], at just £2,000. Once again, we expect that there were some exceptional circumstances to this sale.

  1. Three-bedroom semi-detached house in Newcastle, £6,105
Property in Newcastle


This three-bedroom house in Newcastle, with stunning views over Tyne Valley, sold for just £6,105 in June 2019. Considering the size and key features of this property, the low price is surprising. The average cost of a property of this type in Newcastle is £187,662[4].

  1. Studio flat in Glasgow, £11,000
Property in Glasgow


In October 2019, this studio flat in Glasgow sold for just £11,000, £166k less than the average cost of a property in this city[5].

  1. One-bedroom apartment in Liverpool, £25,500
Property in Liverpool


The average cost of a flat in Liverpool is £122,383[6], however this one-bed apartment was sold in March 2018 for less than a quarter of the cost at just £25,000.

  1. One-bedroom apartment in Bradford, £26,000
Property in Bradford


On average, properties in Bradford cost £137,647, however this one-bedroom apartment sold for less than a fifth of this cost, at £26,000.

  1. One-bedroom apartment in Leeds, £34,000
Property in Leeds


This one-bedroom apartment in Leeds sold for £34,000 in September 2019, just over half of it’s previous sale price of £62,000 in 2008. With flats in Leeds selling at an average of £150,773[7], this one is £116,773 below average.

  1. Studio flat in Wolverhampton, £37,000
Property in Wolverhampton


This studio flat in Wolverhampton sold for £37,000 in April 2019, almost £50,000 less than the average property price in this location (£186,761)[8].

  1. One-bedroom apartment in Birmingham, £41,250
Property in Birmingham


This one bedroom apartment sold for a total of £41,250 in March 2019, less than half the cost of its previous sale price of £90,453 in 2006. The average price of a flat in Birmingham is £163,405[9]

  1. One-bedroom apartment in Portsmouth, £50,000
Property in Portsmouth


The average cost of a flat in Portsmouth is £172,011[10], however this one-bed retirement apartment sold for £50,000 in June 2019.

  1. Studio flat in Southampton, £67,500
Property in Southampton


The majority of properties sold in Southampton in 2019 were flats, at an average of £166,881[11]. This studio flat however sold in August for almost £100,000 less than this at £67,500.

  1. Studio apartment in Bristol, £75,000
Property in Bristol


Flats in Bristol rake in an average of £247,032[12], which is more than £20,000 more than the average property price in the UK. This flat however sold for only £75,000 in May 2019.

  1. One bedroom flat in London, £87,500
Property in London


The capital is known to be the most expensive city to live in, with properties on average being sold for £623,691[13]. The majority of property sales in 2019 were flats which averaged at £537,751, however this flat in South-East London sold for less than a sixth of this at £87,500 in April 2019.

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