Deteriorating Health Issues Can Result In A Home Needing To Be Sold Quickly

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Many circumstances can arise whereby you might need to sell your home quickly.  One of these reasons may be deteriorating health conditions.  As people age, various health concerns can show up, although many younger people can also be presented with a health difficulty.  If you or your loved one begins needing more daily assistance, it may be time to consider moving somewhere that can help provide the level of care you need.  When that time comes, you probably are going to want to sell your home as quickly as possible.  A property purchasing company can help.

A Fast Process

With GoodMove there is a quick three-step process that you can take.  You can go online or call them with your Postcode.  They will research your property online and within 24 hours, they will make you a cash offer (an Offer in Principle).  Two certified surveyors will visit to look at the condition of your property (the condition won’t prohibit an offer).  The surveyors will be at no cost to you.  If everyone agrees and the Formal Offer is accepted, you can receive cash for your home in as little as seven days or up to 3-4 weeks.  In any event, this is a very fast and short process for home sales.

The Difference Between an Offer in Principle and a Formal Offer

The Offer in Principle is made before a surveyor comes out to visit and inspect your property.  If this first offer is accepted, an Asset Management Company will schedule two valuations of your property.  The two valuations are part of the due diligence effort to be fair, honest, and transparent in the valuation of your home.  Once the valuation report has been received, a Formal Offer will be made subject to RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and contract.

Home Buyers Report and Report on Title

Upon receipt of these two reports from the solicitors and the determination that there is no structural damage that was unknown before this time, the sales process can move forward quickly and expeditiously.  The result will be a fast house sale for you.  If the reports have anything negative in them that was unknown before this time, the formal offer may be amended.  Home sellers have the right to review the reports.  The fast house sale will be achieved upon acceptance of the formal offer.

Saves on Time, Energy, and Stress

When dealing with deteriorating health issues, you aren’t going to have time to spend on the complexities of trying to sell your home.  You’ll also likely be dealing with stress and other problems that are zapping your energy and strength.  A property purchasing company can be the ideal solution when you need to sell your home fast.  With a property purchase company, there is no property chain, no home showings, no estate agent, and no mortgage lender that has to be considered.  It is all handled for you.  At this time in your life, you need someone you can trust to handle the sale of your home quickly.

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We are proud to be the most regulated property buyer operating in the ‘Quick House Sale’ industry. We are an active member of the NAPB (National Association Of Property Buyers) and are RICS regulated, which means you can have every confidence of selling your home with us quickly & easily.