Don’t Try To Sell Your Home Without A Property Purchasing Company

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Selling your home can be a monumental task and can be overwhelming.  When you need to sell your home, the best advice is to contact a property purchasing company.  They can help you navigate through all the necessary steps easily and conveniently.  The process can be complex and very detailed to ensure a successful sale, but when using a company purchase property method, your transaction is sure to be much smoother while still being successful, and you will come away with the best outcome possible as soon as possible.

Sell Your Home For Cash Fast

A property purchasing company can give you a cash offer for your home fast.  It is a straightforward process.  It is not only quick but kept private as well.  Contact the company either directly by telephone or through the Internet.  You will typically receive a cash offer within 24 hours, and if you choose to accept that offer, you will be on your way to a successful sale!  The entire process could be completed within two to three weeks, if not sooner.  Once your property has been identified and research conducted online regarding the property, at least one evaluator will be sought to confirm the property is as has been described with an inspection.  This evaluation is free to the property owner.  Two valuations are typically done to ensure transparency, honesty, and fairness.

No Fees

When you choose a company purchase property method of selling your home, the company takes care of any solicitor or estate agent fees – so you don’t have to!  It is a win-win scenario!  Goodmove will buy a property in any condition and the valuations are conducted by certified surveyors.  There are no mortgages to consider; therefore, your house sale can be completed quickly and without issue. Once you have accepted the offer in principle, an asset management company will visit your property to give two appraisals.

Can A Company Purchase A Residential Property?

Yes, companies can absolutely purchase residential properties and they are experts in doing so.  They go through the processes every day and know what is needed to efficiently handle the transaction.  Why go through the typical headaches of getting your home ready for buyers to view?  Selling your home with a property purchasing company is hassle-free because the company takes care of all the normal issues of home sales for you.  This method is designed to offer a stress- and hassle-free experience in selling your home.

A company purchasing residential properties knows the “ins and outs” of home buying and is well-equipped to provide you with a seamless transaction when selling your home.  They procure a recommended solicitor for you so you don’t have to.  If you would prefer to use your own solicitor, you can be recompensed £500 to help cover their fees.  A good company purchasing residential property will be regulated by the NAPB and the RICS so you can trust their decision-making skills.

If you live in England or Wales, contact GoodMove today because they can make your life easier … and who doesn’t want that?

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