Flying the Nest: The UK’s Current Living Situation

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Flying the nest: research reveals the UK’s current living situation

Over the last couple of years, as a result of the pandemic, an incredible number of UK adults have been prompted to reconsider their finances and look for ways to save a little money. For millions, this has meant moving back in with parents.

In this article, we’ve outlined just how many Brits returned to the family home, the average age that adults move out from their parents’, and the things parents love and hate about having the family under one roof?

When do Brits leave the family home?

Astonishingly, according to our research, an incredible 50% of UK adults moved back to their parents’ during the pandemic, with 19% still living permanently in the family home. As for those who have now moved out, 13% stayed with parents for less than six months, 13% returned for between 6-12 months, and 5% lived with the family for over a year.

Curiously, children are most likely to leave the home aged 19-25, with 60% moving out in their early 20s. Meanwhile, a quarter (24%) fly the nest aged 18 or under, and 16% move out after the age of 25.

Do parents really enjoy having children back home?

We asked UK parents to outline the biggest positives and negatives about having their grown-up children living back in the family home. Find out the five things parents love and hate about living with returning kids.

The five things parents love about living with their kids

According to parents in the UK, the biggest benefit of returning children is being able to enjoy more quality time as a family, with two thirds (64%) citing this as the greatest plus point.

The next biggest positive, according to 43% of parents, is knowing that, by living at home, children can more easily save for their own home without the burden of rent bogging them down. This is followed by 28% feeling comfort in knowing their children are better-able to focus on career or educational aspirations.

Meanwhile, a quarter of parents (24%) enjoy having their kids around to help with the housework, and one-in-five (21%) like knowing there’s someone on hand to keep an eye on pets during the day.

The five biggest drawbacks of living with grown-up children

While parents clearly enjoy some aspects of returning children, what are some of the frustrations they feel about having the whole family under one roof again?

According to a third of parents (32%), the most resounding drawback to children returning home is the rise in the cost of bills and utilities, with more hungry mouths to feed and increased electricity and water consumption! Closely behind, 25% of parents struggle with the lack of privacy and a further quarter (25%) worry about their children’s happiness, mental health, or social life.

Other cons include the increased rate of housework necessary to keep up with a busier home (21%), the strain put on parent-children relationships (20%), and the worry that grown-up children might become too comfortable and demotivated about moving out (20%).

Where are children most likely to live with parents?

According to our research, the city that saw the highest rate of grown-up children returning to the family home during the pandemic was Manchester, with 61% deciding to move back in with parents. Heading south, London was the next most common region for returning children (60%), followed by Sheffield (52%), Birmingham (47%), and Bristol (46%).

With so many Brits deciding to move back in with parents during the pandemic, it’ll be interesting to see how many choose to stay and save until they’re ready to buy their first home. For even more expert insight into the world of property, check out the latest over on our blog.


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