Found Your Dream Home And Need To Sell Your Current Home Quickly?

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Good for you!  You have found your dream home!  Not everyone can say that.  So, you currently own a home but to capture your dream home quickly, you need to sell your current home just as quickly.  What is the best way to make that happen?  In the UK, you have several options.

You can:

  1. List your home with an estate agent, which is a traditional method. It’s not the fastest method due to all the steps that need to be completed.  Available are online estate agents or high-street agents.  A high-street agent is an agent with an office, store, or physical presence in the community.  You could also choose to sell your home privately or through a property auction.
  2. First, you need to find a reputable estate agent, one you can trust.
  3. Second, you will need to finish any home improvements that you have started to ensure your home is at its best to sell. This can take some time.
  4. You will have to then negotiate a price with the agent that can be agreed upon.
  5. Clean and declutter your home so it will look its best before it is shown to prospective buyers. Every nook and cranny should be cleaned as well as possible.  Remove all personal items.  Perform a deep cleaning of your home.
  6. Help your estate agent to create a marketing plan to ensure your home will receive many opportunities to be shown and sold.
  7. Consider getting your home pre-inspected so that when a buyer does propose an offer, that step will already have been taken.
  8. You could pay for an appraisal, which could help move the selling process along.
  9. You could hire a “staging” expert to situate your home with the best look possible.
  10. Sell your home at auction. This can be a fast way to sell your home, but you really need to have the right buyer and make sure you put a reserve price on the home, so it doesn’t end up selling for less money than you desire.
  11. Sell your home directly to a property purchasing company. These separate legal entities are often the fastest and most secure way to sell a home.  They pay cash and you can sell the house ‘as-is’ and not have to worry about repairs, remodeling, or renovating … or the extra costs associated with those tasks.  You don’t have to worry about home showings or cleaning or decluttering.

Choosing the Right Option For You

If you have found your dream home and need to move fast to ensure you don’t lose it, the quickest way is to sell it to a property purchasing company.  Typically, it takes only a couple days to get a cash offer for your home and within 2-3 weeks, your home can be sold.  That way, you don’t have to worry about the sub-steps a through h above.  You can sell it and go, go to your dream home.

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