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If you are close to retirement, you know the importance of maximising your money.  Finances are crucial at this time in life.  You need to do all you can to ensure you are prepared as best as possible for your retirement years and preserve your finances as best you can.

Retirement Years

After you’ve worked long and hard to reach retirement age, you want to be able to enjoy your retirement years.  If you decide you want to sell your home to move to another part of the country, or even move to another country, you don’t want the sales process to linger on and on.  Instead, choose a property purchasing company that will give you an offer on your home, usually in 24 hours, with potential completion of the sale within 2-3 weeks, if not sooner.

No Fees

Property purchasing companies don’t charge any fees and they will pay you cash for your property.  This is a much faster way to sell your home with no mortgages involved.  Any fees involved, including surveyor and solicitor fees, are paid by the company.

You Don’t Have to Make any Repairs to the Home

Property purchasing companies buy property, regardless of its condition.  Upon retirement, you may not have the ability or desire to invest more time or money into some minor repairs that might be necessary, or needed if you choose to go with a traditional estate agent.  With a property purchasing company, you don’t have to.

Peace of Mind

What you get when you choose to sell your home with a property purchasing company is peace of mind.  You get a fast, reliable, and convenient method of selling your home – for cash.  The last thing you need in retirement is stress.  Do yourself a favour – don’t stress out; choose a property-buying company to get you the right price for your home.


In most circumstances, the property purchasing company will provide two valuations, to ensure a fair assessment of your property.  No fees are charged to you.  The surveyors will be qualified and reputable, being RICS chartered (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), when you choose the right property purchasing company.  Using the company’s own solicitors and surveyors will help eliminate any potential delays by cutting out the middlemen.

Guaranteed Sale

The sale of your home is guaranteed; therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping your home constantly immaculately clean and multiple viewings to potential buyers.  Sell your home fast for cash regardless of its condition.  There are no hassles and no worries; the property purchasing company will take care of the entire process for you.  What a relief!

Quick House Sale

When you are looking to have a quick house sale, choose a property purchasing company to take all the headaches out of the process for you.  Relax.  Let the experts buy your home so that you can get about the business of enjoying your retirement.

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We are proud to be the most regulated property buyer operating in the ‘Quick House Sale’ industry. We are an active member of the NAPB (National Association Of Property Buyers) and are RICS regulated, which means you can have every confidence of selling your home with us quickly & easily.