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Once your offer has been accepted, and you’ve found a buyer for your property in turn, it’s time to start planning the big move. After the exchange of contracts and the securing of mortgages, there’s the matter of packing up and relocating – which can feel like an expensive, monumental task.

If you’re not sure where to start, using a checklist is a great way to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks! We’ve compiled a helpful to-do list to guide you through the moving process, including all the tasks and errands that involve, both big and small.

In the Lead up to Your Move

  • Have one last clear out. There’s no point moving things you don’t need! Before you pack, do one last whip-round of clothes and other items for the charity shop.
  • Choose a removal company. Check their availability, get a quote and then agree on your moving date – avoid peak times if you can, as these cause surcharges.
  • Sort out your utilities. You can set up the TV, WiFi and phone package for your new property before your move, but if you want to change your energy supplier, you’ll need to notify them and pay your final bills.
  • Organise your council tax. Get in touch with the council in your new borough to arrange your new payment, and you’ll have to pay a closing bill for your existing property too.
  • Clean your existing property. It may be worth hiring a professional to come and do this once you’ve vacated the house, to save both time and stress.
  • Get a post-redirection service. Arrange with the post office to have all your post forwarded to your new address for a set period – don’t forget, this requires at least five days’ notice.
  • Tell everyone you’re moving. After you’ve told family and friends your new address, you can add your employer, bank, GP, dentist and the DVLA to your list. Remember to get your TV license and electoral roll details changed too!
  • Retrieve all keys for the new residents. This means tracking down any spare sets you might have left with friends, relatives or neighbours over the years.
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer. It can be a time-consuming job, but if you’re taking white goods with you, this is a necessary evil.
  • Put all your important documents in one place. That means passports, insurance paperwork, birth certificates – the whole lot! Make sure they’re packed in a secure, accessible place so you don’t lose track of them in the chaos.
  • Organise collection of new keys. You won’t get far with the move if you can’t get into your new home, so make sure you’ve agreed a time and date to collect from your estate agent or the previous residents.
  • Time to get packing! Make sure you cross reference boxes to rooms when you label them, so it’s clear where to put them when you arrive.

On the Day of Your Move

  • Pack a separate overnight bag. Having the basics to hand takes some stress out of unpacking, so there’s no rush to tackle all the boxes on your first night.
  • Take final meter readings. Make a note of the figures on your gas, electricity and water meters (if you have them), so you can provide your suppliers with a final reading, to calculate your last bill.
  • Leave the extra keys in an obvious place. Pop them in an envelope, along with your contact details, for the new residents to find when they arrive.
  • Check all potential entry points are secure. Make sure every window and door is locked when you leave the property.
  • Turn all remaining electrics off. If you’re leaving any white goods behind, make sure these are switched off at the mains before you move.
  • Write a list of helpful info for new residents. It’s good practice to leave instruction manuals for white goods behind, as well as any alarm codes or information about rubbish and recycling collection dates.

You’re all set! Once you’ve ticked off every item on this list, it’s time to get going. Remember that when you arrive at your new home, you need to check that your property is hooked up to the gas and electricity supply, and all your smoke alarms work. It’s also worth cross-referencing the contents of your new home with the inventory you’ve been given, to make sure everything is present and accounted for.

Good Move Can Help

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