How To Live Like Your Favourite TV Shows

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Interior design is an important part of improving your home, giving you the opportunity to express your own personality through colour, material, and furniture choices. And sometimes, our picks are influenced by our favourite TV shows.

We conducted a survey of 1,000 Brits, to determine the most iconic interiors on TV and which rooms people are most inspired by. We also spoke to a luxury interiors expert, to discuss the ways you can recreate your favourite TV interiors in real life.

Which TV shows have the most iconic interiors?

According to our research, TV’s most iconic interiors are found on ‘Friends’, with 41% of Brits voting the show’s bold and colourful 90s/00s style among their top telly design schemes.

Next up, we have The Crown, claiming 23% of the vote. Inspired by the real-life happenings of the royal family, the show features an array of regal interiors from the 40s through to the 90s. Meanwhile, in third, we have a complete change of pace with The Simpsons; 22% of Brits rank the American animation’s interior design as one of TV’s most iconic.

Rounding off the top five interiors on TV, we have 90s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (20%) and legendary rom-com Sex and the City (17%).



How to recreate TV’s best-loved interiors?

We know which shows feature the most iconic interiors, but of those, which rooms do Brits dream of recreating in their own homes? We’ve revealed the top five, and spoke to CARME Home Co-founder and Interior Design Specialist Marc Epstein about how you can take inspiration from each.


Monica and Rachel’s apartment in the hit TV show Friends is iconic to say the least, inspiring 27% of Brits to take on the eclectic yellow and purple interior in their own home! Such bold styling choices can be quite tricky to recreate, though, so if you’re a fan of this interior design, we suggest you start small.

For instance, incorporate bold colours via your accessories, to update your room without completely changing the look. Think colourful cushions, vases, prints and rugs. Once you’ve mastered this and feel more confident in your choices, go bigger with a feature wall, bright couch or patterned coffee table!

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the kitchen is truly the standout room of the show, with 13% of Brits looking to recreate the finish in their own. A large island is probably at the top of most people’s dream kitchen list, and the underneath storage on this one is perfect for a big family.

Another interesting design element of this kitchen is the glass windowed cabinets. Many modern layouts include ‘hidden’ designs (such as built-in electricals and handleless cupboards), but this vintage style of showcasing a beautiful, organised kitchen collection is definitely coming back into fashion.

The Simpsons

Not many people would typically turn to a cartoon for interior design inspiration, but our research reveals that 12% of Brits dream of recreating The Simpsons’ living room. And, upon evaluating the space, there are plenty of brilliant features to admire. The antique lamps are particularly beautiful, full of colour and vibrancy, and the large hanging art above the couch is chic and elegant.

The Crown

The Crown features the most regal and elegant interior design on TV at the moment, and 12% of Brits want a piece of it in their own home! This classic English look is full of romance, countryside and luxury, and many of the vintage pieces are coming back into fashion. One of the most popular old-fashioned items right now is a grand, patterned rug; central to the design of your space, adding or swapping your rug will transform the whole room. To achieve a rich atmosphere, opt for royal colours such as red or blue, with a beautiful velvety texture.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw is certainly a style icon, and her bedroom is no different. If you’re among the 11% of Brits inspired by her space, consider artistically hanging a trio of framed prints beside your bed, as well as incorporating brightly coloured or deep velvet accent chairs that either complement or offer contrast against your colour scheme.

It’s interesting to see the array of TV interiors that inspire Brits daily, ranging from everyday chic apartments to gorgeous palaces. For even more expert property insight, check out the latest over on our blog.

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