How To Protect Your Home From Burglars

Tips for protecting your home against burglars

Your home is your own private sanctuary, where you go to escape the outside world and relax – as the saying goes, every man’s home is his castle. But is your home really secure? The risk of being burgled is always a concern for homeowners, and with burglars using new methods and technologies, it’s always worth checking to make sure that your home and possessions are safeguarded. Here is our guide on how to protect your home from burglars, and make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your home secure.

Invest in a security system or camera

Full-fledged security systems with cameras can be expensive, but it’s an investment worth considering for peace of mind. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable way to keep your home secure and deter burglars, there are now plenty of devices on the market that cost a little less but will work with your Wi-Fi. Devices like Ring cameras or Wyze security cameras allow you to keep an eye on what’s happening around your home. Just the sight of a camera outside may help to deter would-be burglars – when they were interviewed, a panel of ex-burglars said that CCTV cameras were the most effective deterrent against a break-in.

Check your doors

Your doors might feel like the most secure part of your home, but when it comes to keeping your home secure, you might be surprised at how vulnerable they can be. In fact, according to the Office of National Statistics, 70% of all domestic burglars in the last decade gained entry to a home through the front door. To protect your home from burglars, make sure that any external doors have strong frames, and that hinges and locks are in good condition and not rusting from poor winter weather. Invest in heavy-duty locks that are approved by the British Standard Institute and tested against lockpicking and drilling, or check your existing locks for the BSI kitemark.


Windows are also a vulnerable point for your home. If you have old windows with wooden frames, consider replacing them with sturdier and more secure PVC and double glazing – which also has the benefit of helping to keep damp away during the colder months. If your home has windows that face out onto a street or garden, consider using privacy film, which will keep inquisitive eyes from looking through your windows to spy on your valuables. You can even get one-way privacy film, which will give your windows a mirrored effect during the daytime, without affecting the view from inside.

Improve any external locks

Just locking your door isn’t enough to discourage determined burglars. Installing and using a deadbolt is one of the best ways to keep your home secure, by making sure your door has a second line of defence in case burglars try to force the door. Making sure that your doors also have good metal strike plates screwed securely into the doorframe is an inexpensive way to reinforce your door’s security. Also, if your front door has a letterbox, don’t leave your keys in the lock overnight – it’s surprisingly easy for a burglar to reach in and turn the key, or even just pull it out through the letterbox using specialist tools.

Don’t make it obvious when you’re away

If you follow these other steps on how to protect your home from burglars, you can enjoy peace of mind while you’re lying on the beach, knowing that you’re keeping your home secure while you’re on holiday. But there’s a few extra security steps you can take to make sure. If you’re going away on holiday, invest in a timer plug so that your lights will go on and off at set times, and make sure you leave a car parked in the driveway. If you can see into your hallway from outside, ask a trusted neighbour to collect your mail so it doesn’t pile up. And consider keeping quiet about your holiday on social media – savvy burglars will check your social accounts to see when you’ll be away from home.

Be careful what you throw out

Part of keeping your home secure is giving burglars less reason to target your house. If you’re following all these steps on how to secure your home from burglars, gaining access to your home might be trickier, but your bins are a different story. Canny thieves will go through recycling bins to find receipts for expensive items, or even boxes for recently purchased electronics. Help to keep your home secure by shredding receipts and paperwork, and dismantling boxes before they go in the bin.

Now you know how to protect your home from burglars, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your possessions and family will be safe and secure. For more helpful home guides, visit the Good Move blog. And if you’re looking to sell your home fast, then get in touch with us and find out how we can help.

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