How to Sell Household Items for Cash

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Selling unwanted items has become a great way to make extra cash and can be done on so many different platforms. From social media to apps and second-hand websites, it’s quick and easy to list and sell unwanted items within days. If you’re trying to save some extra money for a deposit, or you just want a clear-out before you move houses, take a  look at these top tips for the most convenient ways to sell household items.

Trade for cash

Every town has a second-hand store for you to sell your unwanted items, whether they be disposable tech, jewellery or furniture. Whatever you might be selling, haggling is key – make sure you get the best value for money by always asking for more than you expect. These stores are the best way to get instant cash, however, it could be slightly less than you were hoping for – they’ll want to make as big a profit as possible, remember!

Get social

Social media is a great platform to use to sell household items. With Facebook Marketplace securing 800 million monthly users in 70 countries, it gives you a huge platform for people to view your products, increasing your chance of a sale. Similarly, other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter offer the use of hashtags and groups to raise awareness of your sale – another great place to start if you want to sell unwanted items to help with your house move

Apps, apps, apps

Wondering how to sell unwanted items from your mobile? From Preloved to Shpock and everything in between, second-hand sale apps are vastly popular. However, this method of selling unwanted items could take a cut of the profits. Social shopping app Depop will take 10% of the total transaction amount when you sell an item, as well as a PayPal transaction fee charge of 3.4%. This can vary from app to app, but you can expect similar profit cuts from the majority of sales apps.

Go to a car boot sale

If you’re wondering where to sell unwanted items in person, a car boot sale could be your best bet. Early starts on a weekend are not ideal, but if you can get some extra cash by selling unwanted items locally, then it’s definitely worth it. With 6% of Brits having purchased from a car boot in the last year, they’re a popular place to sell, because you get instant cash for items and you can sell anything from clothing to makeup. It’s a great place to take items that you might not be able to sell as quickly online, such as used or damaged items. Don’t forget to bring a float of change and bags, and be prepared to haggle.


With 182 million users, eBay can be used to sell pretty much anything! From taxidermy to vacuum cleaners, you can sell unwanted items for cash easily online. It’s also the ideal platform to sell collectables and limited edition items for a profit. You’re able to control your sales remotely and access funds instantly, as well as being able to watch bidding wars unfold for your items.

In summary

Whether you’re trying to raise some extra money to pay off debts or boost your deposit fund; these methods are a great way to sell your household items for cash. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your house fast then contact our experienced team today to find out how we can buy your house for cash.

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