This Is How Our Homes Would Look If They Were Created For Our Pets And Kids

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of shared ownership

We share our homes not only with ourselves, but with our pets and children too.

Our homes tend to be designed the way we want them, but have you ever wondered how our homes would look if they weren’t created for us, but for our pets and children instead?

Below, we’ve redesigned homes to showcase exactly how they would look if they were, as well as top tips on how to prepare your home if you are considering getting a new pet, having a baby, or appeasing a moody teenager!

The doghouse

Toys everywhere, a sprawling garden, and plenty of meat: this is what a home would look like if designed for our canine friends.
Need to puppy-proof your home? Follow these top tips to make your home suitable for your new furry legged friend:

1. Limit access:

When getting a new puppy or dog, introduce baby gates and block off access to the stairs to help keep dogs safe. Puppy pens are a great way to give new puppies somewhere to relax and help them learn to get into the pattern of napping when they are tired. You can also purchase crates for adult dogs to provide them with a space to rest when they need some time out.

2. Choose toys designed for chewing:

Remember puppies will more than likely always chew, but some adult dogs can also chew if they’re anxious – or if they just enjoy it! A specifically designed chew will help prevent dogs from finding something new to chew on – and hopefully not your shoes or valuables!

3. Choose the right dog bed:

One of the most important factors to consider is where they’re going to sleep. You’ll need to decide on a dog bed of some kind – ensure you get one big enough for the dog you are bringing home, and also where it’s going to go as it’s a good idea to know in advance where your new dog will be settling on an evening or sleeping overnight, to get them used to this space.

Cat sanctuary

A home designed for a cat must have plenty of fish, toys for causing mischief, and of course, plenty of places for a cat nap! If you’re thinking of getting a new kitten or cat for your home, here are some top tips on how to catproof your space:

1. Keep the toilet seat lids down:

Cats and kittens are curious beings, and are prone to falling in toilets when exploring. Always keep lids down when you’re not using them and don’t leave toilet bowl cleaners to sit in the bowl either, to help protect your cat.

2. Keep your surfaces clear:

Cats love to jump up and explore, so be careful to keep your surfaces clear of any hazards such as lamps, medication, candles, or ornaments that your cat might otherwise swallow or knock over.

3. Keep your stove covered:

Your cat will be in a lot of pain if they try to jump onto a hot stovetop, so try preventing them from jumping up if you can, or use burner covers on hot covers instead.

Baby and toddler heaven

A playhouse comes to life, a home designed for babies and toddlers is packed full to the brim with toys – whether that’s in the bathroom, living room, or kitchen. You simply can’t escape the toys here!

Expecting a new arrival? Here are three easy ways to babyproof your home:

1. Use baby gates:

Place baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to protect your child’s safety and prevent them from falling down the stairs.

2. Use safety covers:

Always place safety covers on electrical outlets so babies and toddlers won’t stick their fingers into them.

3. Install safety guards:

Install safety guards on windows and place locks on cupboards, bins, and detergents to prevent your toddler from opening them.

Kid’s playhouse

With ponies in the garden, plenty of toys to play with, and even space to bake, what kid wouldn’t want to live here?
If you want to create the perfect haven for your children, here are some top tips on how:

1. Get your storage options right:

Kids have a lot of clutter in their rooms, so use smart storage space to stash away their toys, books, and clothes. You can use boxes or baskets or invest in a bed or wardrobe with built-in storage if you can.

2. Try choosing décor that will last:

We all know kids go through phases of what they’re into, and they may be begging you to redesign their room to suit their favourite thing – but that’s sure to change in a few months! To help save money, suggest new bedding or posters to freshen up the room instead of a whole repaint, and choose timeless colours and themes that will last them through their childhood.

3. Choose the right flooring:

Kids can be messy – so the safest option for you is to choose a wooden or laminate flooring so you can easily mop up any spills. If you do want to create a homelier touch, invest in a rug for your children’s room instead.

Teenage escapism

We all know teenagers aren’t easy, but in this home that’s filled with places to party, relax, and not do the dishes; they might just be here!
Is your teenager asking you to redecorate their room? Here’s how to go about it:

1. Use wall art and posters:

Teenagers will want to move away from their childhood bedrooms and opt for a more adult theme instead. Wall art and posters are on-trend and will easily help update a room without having to spend much money doing so.

2. Get a double bed:

If you can, buy a double bed for your teenager as it will help make their space feel more grown-up, as opposed to a single bed that many have during childhood. If this is a luxury you can’t afford, invest in some nice duvet covers, cushions, and throws for the bed.

3. Add in a dressing table or TV:

As teenagers get older, they’ll naturally want to spend more time in their rooms. Consider adding a TV into your children’s room, or if they’re into hair and makeup a dressing table for them. They can also do their homework here – if they want to of course!

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