Property Not Selling Quickly? What are The Options?

Selling your property quickly sometimes simply isn’t possible. There could be a number of reasons why your house is not selling fast:

  • Property is located in a remote area
  • The local property market is subdued
  • Limited demand for certain types of properties (3 / 4 storey townhouses, non standard construction properties etc)
  • Your property may not be mortgagable
  • You may have problematic neighbours
  • Your property may suffer from damp / structural movement
  • You have a sitting tenant

There could be a number of reasons why your property is not selling quickly, the above being the most commonly encountered. Most home owners feel stuck if their property isn’t selling quickly, however there are now options to sell your house fast if you have a problematic property.

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My Property is not Selling Quick – What are the Options Available?

These days homeowners no longer need to rely on estate agents if their property is not selling quick.

One option now available to homeowners if properties aren’t selling quickly is to consider selling their home to regulated property buyers. Property buying companies started to become popular around 10 years ago when homeowners wanted another solution to sell their home quickly if their estate agent was unable to do so.

Please see below a timeline of how the number of regulated property buyers have grown over recent years, which is purely down to an increase in demand for their services:


the history of house buyers in the uk


As you can see from the infographic, these are the trusted property buyers in the Quick House Sale Industry. If you find your property not selling quickly and you are running out of options, contact a property buying company like Good Move to receive a guaranteed cash offer.

Good Move remains the largest and most regulated property buying company in the UK and is run by qualified chartered surveyors. It’s imperative if homeowners find their property not selling quickly that they instruct a house buying company which is regulated by the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) and the Property Ombudsman. If property buyers have these types of regulations they have to abide to a code of practice which is set out by the Property Ombudsman. Homeowners should only use regulated property buying companies if their house isn’t selling quickly to guarantee a smooth cash transaction.

Property Not Selling Quickly – Need Help?

In conclusion, this blog highlights a little-known solution if your property is not selling quickly, and that is to use a regulated property buyer like Good Move.

Good Move is a property buyer which is different to any other property buying company in the UK. Good Move is regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and is subsequently run by qualified chartered surveyors. This is what makes Good Move different, not only are they regulated by the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) & the Property Ombudsman they are a professional surveying firm.

Homeowners are in safe hands if their property isn’t selling quickly as Good Move can typically buy  within 14 days or in a timescale to suit you. If you are growing tired of estate agents and your property is not selling fast, contact Good Move today on 0800 8021175 for your free no obligation cash offer. As part of the process, a sale can be concluded within 14 days and Good Move will pay your legal fees and you have no estate agency fees to pay!

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We are regulated by...

  • NAPB
  • RICS
  • NAEA
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Trading Standards

Good Move are proud to be the most regulated property buyer operating in the ‘Quick House Sale’ industry.