Property Purchasing Companies Understand The Intricacies Of Home Selling

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If you are looking to sell your home quickly, you need a property purchasing company that is credible, has experience, and understands all the complexities that can be involved when selling a home.  You want a property purchasing company that is approved by the NAPB and regulated by the RICS.  These organisations can help ensure the company you choose to purchase your property is professional and provides quality services.

Selling Your Home Quickly

A quick sale of your home cannot be any faster than when you enlist the aid of a property purchasing company.  They are in business to purchase homes quickly and, therefore, have streamlined their processes to work fast and efficiently.  Property purchasing companies with experience understand the intricacies of selling and buying homes because they invest in properties every day.  They have the means to pay cash for your home, which, in and of itself, is invaluable to meeting a quick time schedule.

Alternative to Estate Agent Sales

A property purchasing company can save you time and hassle.  You can sell your property to such a company fast with a completely private and discreet sale.  They will purchase any property, regardless of its condition.  Due to this fact, you don’t have to make any repairs or renovations, and you don’t have to clean your home of all personal possessions and go through the potentially endless list of showings to potential buyers of your home.

Valuations of your property are conducted – at least two valuations to ensure a fair estimate for your property – and are paid for by the property purchasing company.  The company will pay for any fees involved, including those of hiring a solicitor.  If you would prefer to use your own solicitor or a different solicitor, you can be reimbursed up to £500 for those expenses.

When utilising an estate agent, you must perform many of these duties on your own and pay the fees incurred by their use.  A property purchasing company can purchase your home in days or weeks, not months or years.

Many Intricacies in Selling a Home in the UK

Selling a home is, for most people, something that isn’t undertaken all that often.  On average, people move every 15 or 20 years.  Rules and regulations for selling homes can change often, and unless you know someone in the industry, you might not even know what questions to ask when you are beginning to think of selling your home.  It can be very stressful and not a straightforward process at all.  Many steps and responsibilities come with selling a home.

Just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself include:

  • If you still have a mortgage on your home, do you have the finances to pay it off?
  • Are there any other outstanding debts against the property?
  • Do you know if you currently have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)?
  • Do you have a solicitor you trust, and do you have the funds to pay for his/her services?
  • Are you responsible for any land registry fees?
  • Are you going to incur any removal costs?
  • Will you need to pay capital gains tax?
  • Do you have any significant home repairs you will need to make?

The Needed Experience

Property purchasing companies have the needed experience to help you understand the intricacies of selling a home and they will help make that process go smoothly for you at a time when you need it most.

We are proud members of...

  • NAPB
  • RICS
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Trading Standards

We are proud to be the most regulated property buyer operating in the ‘Quick House Sale’ industry. We are an active member of the NAPB (National Association Of Property Buyers) and are RICS regulated, which means you can have every confidence of selling your home with us quickly & easily.