Moving Home With Kids: Parents’ Thoughts, And What Kids Rally Think!

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Moving home is a stressful experience on its own, let alone with kids added into the mix!

To uncover just how taxing this process can be, we have surveyed parents to discover the most difficult parts of moving home with children, as well as what kids really think during a home viewing, and top tips for helping kids settle into a new home.


Watch kids on a home viewing

Ever wondered how much kids think a £220,000 house costs? Or what they’d change in a show home should they get the chance?

Just watch our adorable video below to find out…


The most important aspects before deciding to move home for parents

The respondents in our survey ranked their child’s schools as the most important factor to them before considering moving home, with nearly seven in ten (68%) ranking their child’s education as the determining factor before deciding to move or not.

Following schools, the size of the house (61%) and garden space (61%) came in second and third place, with the price of the house or mortgage following behind (54%).

Over four in ten (45%) of parents claimed their children’s social life and friends is of utmost important to them, while a further 43% said that better opportunities for their children is the main reason they have decided to move home in the past.

A safer location (41%), being closer to amenities (37%), and family (35%), as well as the neighbours (34%) make up the top ten list.


How hard do parents find moving home with their children?

With the stresses of moving day (40%) named the most difficult part of moving home, just how difficult is it with children in tow?

Interestingly, the majority (46%) of parents who have moved home with their children said they found the process ‘okay’ while 17% of parents went as far as to say it was ‘easy!’

One in ten, however (10%), found the home moving process ‘difficult’ – and who can blame them?!


Interesting split between mums and dads

When it comes to what parents find most important when moving home, there are some certain differences between male and female respondents.

For example, women favoured garden space far more than men (67% compared to 53%), as well as the price of the home (58% to 49%), and a more family-friendly or safe location for their kids (45% compared to 36%).

And male respondents are more likely to prioritise being close to work (27%) than women are (21%).


How to help kids settle into a new home

So, if you’re moving home with your kids, is there any way of making the process easier for them?

As moving home can be quite unsettling, we have enlisted the help of Fiona Small, the founder of Young Mums Support Network, who has offered her five top tips below.

  1. Allow an element of choice

“Allow your child to have an element of choice when decorating your new home, especially their bedroom. One way to do this is by choosing two of your favourite colours for the walls, then allowing them to say which one they would like.”

  1. Explore the new area

“Explore the new locations, such as parks, libraries, nature walks and local activities. Do some research on the area and share fun facts about their new location.”

  1. Maintain contact

“Where possible, maintain contact with old school and nursery friends, via FaceTime video calls and where possible, arrange play-dates. Explain to your child that they will make new friends also and will still be in contact with old friends.”

  1. Invest in books

“If your child is finding it difficult to settle into their new home, you may want to consider investing in a few books that are about moving house and adding a bit of adventure to help them to understand that many people move homes and settle in after a while.”

  1. Acknowledge and reassure them

“Show acknowledgement to your child by letting them know that you understand how they are feeling, and keep reassuring them that they are going to have a wonderful time in their new environment. Point out all of the good things and be positive that all they need is a bit of time to adjust.”


If you’re in the process of looking to move home with your children, take a look at our house viewing checklist and take this with you when you view a house to ensure you’re considering everything. Alternatively, if you’re looking to sell your current property fast so you can move in together, then get in touch with us.

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