6 Tips For Selling A House In An Undesirable Location

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Hoping to sell your house soon? You’re not alone, but one of the first things potential buyers consider is location, and if your home isn’t in the ideal spot, it can be hard to sell quickly. Fortunately, it’s not hard to learn how to sell a house in a bad location. These tips can help!

  1. Kerb Appeal: Whether you want people who are interested in buying a house near a landfill site or you need to learn how to sell a house on a busy road, the key to selling fast no matter what the location is to work on kerb appeal. You may not be able to change the location of your home, but you can make your home stand out in a good way. Make certain it looks modern and well cared for from the moment buyers drive up. You want it to look like a great buy both inside and out!
  2. Point Out the Problems: Don’t hesitate to help buyers understand what the issues are with the location. While you’ll want to balance the bad news with some of the great highlights from the property’s location, being honest with potential buyers is nothing short of a must.
  3. Consider an Open House: Want to know how to sell a house on a corner lot? Let them know it’s for sale! An open house is a great way to have people come in and out of the home and see what you have for sale. Just touring the location may help potential buyers (and those who know potential buyers) connect with the property, no matter what the location.
  4. Offer a Bonus: In a market where things are a bit unsure, one thing you can do to attract potential buyers is to offer a few different incentives. You could offer to pay for repairs, new appliances, or even cover some of their mortgage closing costs. You may even want to pay conveyancing fees or something like that to help attract buyers and see just what a great buy your home is.
  5. Keep Your Price Reasonable: The drawback of a property in an undesirable location is that you may not be able to get what you expected out of it. The last thing you want to do is overprice your home. Instead, be reasonable given the location of your home, and you’re likely to connect with a lot more buyers.
  6. Get Help: Those working to learn how to sell a house in a bad neighbourhood know one thing, you need the right help. A good estate agent who has experience in selling homes in neighbourhoods like yours can mean you connect with a buyer far faster than you ever thought possible.

No matter where your home is located, do what you can to promote it! Help buyers understand that their new house location is in your spot.

The Most Important Tip

Maybe the most important tip to help you sell your home in a concerning location is to work with a cash buyer! Cash buyers mean fast sales, no matter what the neighbourhood. To learn more about the homes we buy, give us a call today.

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