How To Emigrate To Australia – 8 Basic Tips

On a rainy day here in the UK, have you ever thought of moving away to a warmer climate?

The lure of antipodean parts for many is a powerful, attractive and emotive opportunity to weigh up against remaining in the British Isles.

So what tips the scales from ‘whinging pom’ to a happy ‘pom’? We all know that Australia’s landscape is stunningly beautiful but is this beauty enough to replace your life and home in the UK?

Having personally weighed up immigration in my early twenties much can change in terms of technicalities but the initial, holistic pointers remain the same:

1) Spending time uncommitted in Australia will help form views on the country and if you visualise yourself as a good fit for the country. You can spend up to 3 months in Australia with an eVisitor– or ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) arrangement – these are similar and choice between the two depends on whether you arrange your own trip or go through a travel agent. Think about how much of Australia you could see in 3 months; whether you do or don’t end up immigrating this spell of your life will definitely be memorable. Note that a eVisitor visa is free of charge, give you business and is valid for 12 months. In some circumstances you could study for the 3 months in Australia.

2) Utilise existing contacts and build new ones. With Australia (and New Zealand) it’s fair to say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know when trying to fast track the Visa process with theAustralian Embassy. However your contacts for whatever reason might not lead to securing work Visas and growing your network after the initial 2-3 months might be easier than you’d think. A recent survey showed that Australians are quite receptive to European people migrating to their country.

3) When you think that the time is right to fully settle, rent a property for one last year. For many, moving to the other side of the world is an emotive process with homesickness rearing its ugly face just when you least expect it. Take the pressure off you at all stages by concentrating on building a happy life in Australia – travel, socialise and don’t make yourself feel trapped.

4) Learn about the Australian visa system. You’ll find that it will make you love the country even more because of their well oiled approach to immigration management. Visa processing is a well drilled, involved journey for future permanent residents of Australia. Here is the best resource for you to use for weighing up your Australian visa options.

5) Don’t make a completely clean break. For many Facebook offers the idyllic way to keep in touch with old friends and family members – plus if you book way in advance to fly back to the UK you could save hundreds of pounds. Part of the mental onset that I’ve seen in the happier Australian immigrants is the notion of freedom. Let’s face it – nothing in life is truly permanent.

6) Seek supportive advice on Australian visa application processes from an immigration adviser.OISC maintains a register of immigration advisers regulated by them.

7) Fly to Australia in their winter. The weather from an Englishman’s perspective will be more than satisfactory with the clear benefit of cheaper flights from companies such as Quantas or Emirates.

8) Last but definitely not least, have a layered strategy to selling your house. Tick off the house selling check list and keep it in the forefront of your mind that quick house selling companies like Good Move give you the flexibility you need to not be restricted in having to sell up before immigrating.

Happy house hunting down under!

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