The Pros And Cons Of Putting Up A For Sale Sign

The pros and cons of a for sale sign

Putting up a ‘for sale’ sign has always been part and parcel of selling a house. If you’re using a traditional estate agent, it’s still very much the conventional way to advertise your home. But in an age of online listings and social media advertising, is a sale sign outside your home still a necessity? We’re taking a look at both sides of the debate – and if you’re looking to sell a house quickly, with no estate agents or for sale signs, find out how we can help to sell your home fast for cash.

Pros of putting up a for sale sign

Putting up a house for sale sign is a marketing tool – and chances are if you’re selling your house, you want all the marketing you can get.

For sale signs attract attention

The main reason to have a for sale sign is simply that it’s still a good way to attract attention. You want as many people as possible to know that your home is on the market, and having a sign outside your home is a fast and easy way to achieve that goal.

They encourage word of mouth

Even in the modern age, word of mouth is still a valuable tool. Anyone walking or driving past your home might not be looking to buy, but they could pass the information on to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

They’re a more traditional marketing method

For people who are more used to traditional marketing, house ‘for sale’ signs may be the best way to reach them. If your property would be well-suited to older generations – say a bungalow, or an apartment in a retirement home – you might not want to limit your home’s advertising reach to online searches.

Cons of putting up a for sale sign

There are lots of reasons you might not want to put a for sale sign up outside your home. From privacy concerns to simply feeling it’s not necessary, here are some of the reasons you might want to skip the sign.

It’s not as necessary as it once was

A lot of house-hunting is now done online, through sites like Right Move and Zoopla – most people don’t drive around hunting for a ‘for sale’ sign or even go direct to estate agents any more to find a house that’s on the market. Social media advertising can target house hunters in incredibly specific areas – which is why having a sign on your home isn’t as important as it once was.

It might not make sense for your house

If your home is tucked down a cul-de-sac, or down a winding path well away from the main road, the chances of a house hunter spotting your for-sale sign are slim – so you’re spending money for not much benefit.

Privacy concerns

Putting a for sale sign in your front garden advertises that you’re selling your home – and invites nosy neighbours to have a look at your listing online. Understandably, some people don’t want this and would rather keep their privacy, especially if they’d rather not get into conversations about where they’re moving to or why. If you choose to sell with Good Move, your sale will be speedy and completely private.

Safety concerns

You might be selling a home that you don’t currently live in – for example if you’ve inherited property from family, or if you’re selling a second home or rental property. If the house is sitting empty but still has some of its contents inside, canny burglars might notice the for sale sign. If there are no lights on and no one coming or going, it might become a target. If you’re wondering the best ways to protect your home from burglars, check out our helpful guide.

How Good Move can help

Whether you decide to use a ‘house for sale’ sign or not, finding a buyer for your home can be hard work. It can take a long time, and there’s plenty of complicated admin that goes along with selling a house. Selling your home with Good Move removes the hassle – we can sell your house within days with no fees, no chain, and no admin. Your sale will be private and discreet, and you don’t have to worry about instructing solicitors.

If you’d prefer to skip the for sale sign and sell your house fast for cash, get in touch with Good Move for a free cash offer today. And for more house selling tips, check out our blog.

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