Removal Company Costs

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One of the most exciting days after you’ve sold your home is having all of your stuff moved out, but it’s also an added cost when it comes to selling your home. How can you save on removal company costs? There are a few key secrets you need to know.

1. Understand the common removals companies’ costs. The average cost of removal companies can vary, but knowing that can help you do your research.

  • Removal company costs depend greatly on exactly how large your property is and what you want them to do for you. For example, the average cost of a removal company for a small one-bedroom home is just £400. If you have more than five bedrooms, though, you’re going to find the average removal company costs jump to more than £1,200.\
  • The other real factor in the cost of removal companies, though, is exactly what services you’re asking them to provide for you. Removal companies can do a number of different things for people. Of course, they load and unload the truck, but they can also handle all of your packing needs. They can arrange your furniture. They can even put things in storage for you until you find a new place to live.
  • The average cost removal company options charge for these extras can vary greatly. While you may see a charge of just £450 for packing up a two-bedroom home, those charges will not only go up depending on how large your home is but also depending on the contents inside. If you have lots of careful, fragile belongings, removal companies cost quite a bit more.

2. To get the best possible quote, you’ll likely want to look at how much removal company cost estimates are in your area and for your home and contact a few different companies to get some quotes.

  • You should consider getting quotes from different removal companies. Most experts recommend getting quotes from at least three different removal companies before you decide on one.
  • Make sure those professionals are willing to visit your property to give you the quote you need because small factors like tight stairways or tough entry points to your building can affect how much you’ll end up paying for your move in the long run.
  • If you find a company that can’t visit your home in person to give you a quote, be sure that you’re being as honest and accurate as possible or you could be in for a huge cost surprise when it comes to moving day. You could even upload pictures to the company just to be sure that they honestly understand the overall size and scope of the job.
  • As you ask for those quotes, be sure you’re asking for them to break the estimates down so you know how much you’re paying for all of the involved costs like packing, insurance, and hourly rate. That will help you more carefully compare the quotes you have in front of you so you know what you might pay overall. You’ll also want to consider the company’s overtime rates and when those rates begin so you know that if things are a bit more complex than the company originally expected, you can expect to pay that amount over.

There’s so much to know before you get a good removal company to help!

Commonly Asked Questions

Still, have questions about removal companies? Here are some of those that are most commonly asked.

What’s the Difference Between a Removals Company and Man in a Van Services?

If you’ve talked to several different services, you may realise there’s an alternative to traditional removal services. Often called “Man with a Van” services, these are small-scale removal services that are perfect if you’re dealing with a minor move – like one around the block. They’re far cheaper, but that price cut comes with a few different problems. Generally, there are fewer staff on-site to help you get your move completed as quickly as possible. Additionally, those staff members usually don’t have very much industry experience and few qualifications to help you with your move, so you’ll want to be careful using these kinds of services. Finally, because they tend to use incredibly small trucks, you’re likely to see at least a few different trips between locations to get all of your stuff from your first space to your next.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Removals Service?

There are many different benefits you’ll want to consider if you’re hiring a professional removal service. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you’ll save quite a bit of time over the course of your move, particularly if you take advantage of their packing services. It means you won’t have to spend those long days before your move packing, and on a moving day, you won’t be expected to haul any heavy moving boxes or furniture. Your team packs and transports things regularly, so you can trust that they know exactly what they’re doing and that they can get it packed and moved on time. More than that, though, professional removal teams have all of the necessary training and equipment to help them stay safe and to help them protect your items. Professional teams know just how to pack your items so that they’ll survive the move. You won’t ever have to worry about a professional team damaging your grandmother’s antique tea set or doing any serious harm to your electronics. You also won’t have to worry about them getting hurt on the job because they’ve been carefully trained about how to move items well.

Maybe the biggest benefit of working with a removal company, though, is the fact that you can stay cool and calm on moving days. Every time you move, you can expect stressful company. By working with a removals company, though, you’ll ease many of those burdens of moving off of yourself, which means you can relax knowing that your stuff is in good hands and you can stay on your schedule given the fact that moving day is a particularly busy one for most people involved. Working with a professional team does help you avoid the stress and anxiety around a move.

How Can I Save Money on Removals Costs?

If you’re looking to cut costs for your move, there are several different things you can do to make it happen. You can choose to handle the move yourself or use less expensive man-in-a-van services, but you can also take a couple of other steps to help reduce your costs with a professional removal company. For example, you could start by decluttering. If you spend some time getting rid of all of the clothes, kitchen items, knickknacks, and other stuff you just don’t need now and likely won’t need in your new home, you’re going to minimise the number of items you’re taking with you, and that can mean that overall, you pay quite a bit less to have a removals company move you.

In addition to taking that step, you can start packing now. If you have most of your items boxed and ready to go, your removals company will have a faster job of packing what remains, and that can help to keep your overall costs down considerably. You may still choose to have them pack some items, but you’re likely to pay quite a bit less for that packing in the long run.

You could also choose to use free boxes available from local stores and the like. Boxes can get expensive after a while, and utilising free boxes could save you quite a bit of cash on the move.

Finally, you’ll want to consider scheduling your move carefully. Removals companies have peak times just like every other industry does, and if you choose to move on weekdays or in particular months that are considered to be off-season moving months, you won’t be competing with as many other people, and the removals company is far more likely to give you a better overall price.

What Should I Look for in a Removals Company?

As you work to find the right removal company to meet your needs, you’re going to want to look for a few different things. Start by considering their costs. Yes, every quote amount you get is likely to be different, but when you get those quotes, you’ll want to compare them in a side-by-side fashion. Be sure you ask for a breakdown of the costs involved, and figure out exactly what services you’re getting for that price. A cheap quote doesn’t always mean a good deal. Read the contract over completely to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal, and make certain you aren’t being charged for services you don’t need. You’ll also want to consider a company that offers you insurance on your stuff. Think about how long your stuff is covered, and whether or not you’re going to have to purchase an extra policy just to cover the move. Keep in mind that most removal companies have a ceiling for insurance costs, so your highest-value items might not be covered during the course of the move. Finally, look to reviews and feedback from other clients who have used that removal company in the past. It’s fairly beneficial to understand what past clients have had to say about the company before you hire them. You can typically find feedback online from the company’s website as well as feedback from third-party websites. Remember that not all feedback is accurate, so if you’re fairly happy with every other aspect of the removal company and you read a few negative reviews, you may want to reach out and ask the company if they can provide you with some customer recommendations from former clients so you get a clear picture of just how well this company might work out for your upcoming move.

Is removal insurance Available?

While most removal companies have some removal insurance, the overall policy only covers some things, and adding a policy can help you pay for any losses or damages you end up experiencing during the course of the removal. Those losses or damages could occur during the packing phase, while your goods are being transported, while the removal staff are unloading your stuff, or even while things are being unpacked in your new home. The overall cost of removal insurance depends entirely on how much stuff you have and how valuable it is. Fragile items like antiques and heirlooms are usually excluded from standard policies, but you can typically purchase a more expensive policy to get some coverage for those items. In most cases, though, there is a cap on the total cost of belongings covered, and that cap is typically ten per cent. So, for example, if your goods are being insured at £50,000, your maximum total claim on that amount with a ten per cent cap is £5,000. The key here is to make sure that you’ve purchased a policy that covers as much as you need it to so that should your most valuable belongings be damaged during the course of the move, you have a way to replace them.

How Much Do Removal Companies Cost in International Moves?

If you’re moving internationally, the cost of removal company options increases quite a bit. For example, imagine you got a job offer in the United States. You can expect to pay an average removal company cost of £3,900. If you’re moving somewhere incredibly remote, New Zealand for instance, the cost of removal company options could jump as high as £4,500 on average.

How Much Does It Cost for a Removal Company to Pack for You?

On average, you can have a removal company pack all of your boxes for you without a lot of added extra costs. For an average three-bedroom home, you can expect expert packing services to cost around £250. Naturally, if your home is larger than that or even a bit overstuffed, you may see far higher costs when it comes to packing. The biggest factor in pricing is the sheer number of items you need to have packed by the company. The longer the list becomes, the higher your rates go. Typically, you can expect to pay the hourly rate if a moving company expects that they will have to spend an extended amount of time packing for you. Often this cost, though, can be worth it because if you’re in the middle of working to sell your home, you likely don’t have the time or energy left to pack your things. In some cases, you may have several fragile items that require professional packing help. You may not even be confident in your packing skills, and that can mean that hiring a professional team to handle it for you could be a perfect choice. Choosing to work with a professional team means they’ll do all of the hardest work for you. More than that, though, all of your items will be packed efficiently, which could help to reduce your overall time and cost involved. Finally, by maximising the space in your boxes, you’ll use less space on the removals truck anyway, and that could mean a lower overall moving cost. It takes a removal team just about five or six hours to pack an entire three-bedroom home. It may take you days to do the same thing, so this add-on option could be well worth your investment.

How Much Does a Removal Company Cost UK Seniors?

How much removal company cost options go down for seniors is less than you might expect. While many seniors will pay the traditional cost of the move, if you have a disability, you can often be entitled to help or financial assistance when you move. There are Disabled Relocation Grants available from local authorities that can help you move to a new home. You may also qualify for additional help if you already qualify for a housing benefit or a Universal Credit.

What If I Need Storage?

Removal companies can also hold your stuff for you in storage while you work to find the perfect new place to live. Removal company storage costs UK residents can expect to pay about £100 per month, but that cost can vary quite a bit depending on a few different factors. The amount of storage you need is the primary factor that may make your costs vary. The larger the amount of overall storage you need, the more you’re likely to pay. The other real variable is how long you require storage. Often the longer you need storage, the more likely you are to pay for that storage. If you’re searching for a removal company that offers storage for some time, you may want to ask whether the storage is climate-controlled. In some cases, storing your belongings in a space that isn’t climate-controlled could damage them, creating some problems for you overall. If you’re storing antiques, collectables, or other items of high value, you want a storage solution that is climate control. Similarly, if you’re storing wooden items, choosing a company that offers you climate-controlled storage is a good idea. If you feel as though you cannot afford the cost of the removal company storage plan, you can choose to go with self-storage instead. A removal company can move your stuff to a self-storage unit you have procured, then move it out of that same unit when you’re ready to place it in your new space. This tends to be far cheaper, but you will need to notify your removal company in advance. The average 100-square-foot unit runs about £300 per month. The real benefit of working with a removal company, though, is that you know your stuff is protected. They carry insurance to protect your items while they’re being stored and then transported to your new space. Often, booking a date with a removal company if your stuff is stored in their location can be easier as well.

What Should I Ask a Removals Company Before Hiring Them?

If you’re hiring a removal company, you’ll want to ask them several questions about their price quote and their services in general. First, find out whether the price quoted to you includes both the cost of loading and unloading. In most cases it does, but removals companies have been known to quote separate prices for that amount in the past. You’ll also want to find out whether there are any transportation fees involved with the costs. Some moving companies may move your stuff a certain distance, then charge by the mile beyond that overall cost. If you have a long-distance removal, be sure to ask who will need to cover the traffic and toll tax costs. You may also want to find out whether the move can be postponed and whether there are any cancellation fees associated with the move in the event something happens before you reach your move date. Find out, too, about how moving day itself will work. Learn what time your movers will arrive at your property, and what might happen if the weather is bad on moving day. For example, imagine you’re moving house in January, and a sudden snowstorm crops up. It may also be important to learn how long you can expect the movers to be on your property overall. Finally, find out what additional services they offer. For example, you may wish to have them pack your home, or at least sell you the materials to do so. You may also ask whether they disassemble furniture before moving (like beds) and whether they disconnect kitchen appliances for you or if that’s a task you already need to have completed by the time the movers arrive. Don’t forget to ask about insurance, as well, as it’s not always best just to rely on the policy they carry in-house.

Should you Tip a Removals Company?

If you’re happy with the services a removal company has provided for you, it is customary to tip the company. That is not included in the price and the movers who work hard for you do expect that you will show them a bit of extra gratitude in the form of a tip.

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