Selling Your House Quickly To Move Abroad

The UK is a fellow member of the European Union and for this reason there is a freedom of movement for all to live and work in other European countries. This has subsequently lead to large numbers of people selling properties quickly to move abroad to warmer climates.

Unfortunately the property market in the UK is rather subdued and when a conscious decision is made to move abroad to pastures new, there is no quick fix solution. There are a number of things which need to be considered when emigrating, firstly your house might not sell quickly and may result in a lengthy house chain. Another major consideration is your job, do you need to give notice at work and as part of your visa, do you need to have a job secured in the country your moving abroad too?

Trying to sell a property quickly to move abroad is always a bit of a guessing game. How long will it take and how will you time a sale of your property so that it ties in with you emigrating? Unfortunately relying on estate agents to secure a quick house sale so you can move abroad is just not reliable. The UK property market is subdued and extremely seasonal, unless you are selling your property between March – September, don’t expect a quick house sale for emigration.

Property is no a liquid asset, predominantly down to lengthy house chains and more importantly broken house chains. Have you read our blog on How to Avoid House Chains? Did you know the average house sale through to completion takes 9 months?

I’m Moving Abroad And Want To Sell My House Fast

The property market in the UK has substantially changed and there are now ways of selling your house fast when you need to move abroad or emigrate. Gone are the days are relying on estate agents to sell your house quickly when moving abroad.

Property buying companies such as Good Move specialise in buying houses fast and deal with many quick sales for emigration. Property buying companies have been around for circa 10 years and they have become incredibly popular, in particular when a quick move is required.

There are number of benefits when selling your house quick with Good Move when you need to move abroad:

  • You are dealing with a chartered surveying firm, regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers)
  • Good Move has over 35 years combined experience in helping homeowners with their “Sell My House Fast for Emigration”. The company is run specifically by qualified chartered surveyors and your house sale is in safe hands.
  • All sellers fees are paid for by Good Move. This includes your legal fees and any other associated cost with your quick house sale. By selling your house quickly to Good Move so you can move abroad, you also dont pay any estate agency fees!
  • You can sell your property quickly for emigration in 7 days! Gone are the days of waiting months, even years to sell your property with an estate agent.
  • Good Move don’t charge any fees to buy your property.
  • Private and discreet sale. If you don’t want neighbours or friends knowing you are moving abroad a sale to Good Move is discreet, no sales boards, no viewings and no hassle!
  • We Buy Any House for emigration, whether its a 1 bedroom terrace worth £20,000 through to 10 bedroom detached properties worth £3 million.

I’m Emigrating – How Can I sell my home Quickly?

Instructing Good Move to buy your house fast for emigration couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is call the property buying team at Good Move on 0800 8021175, one of our friendly surveyors will discuss the process and provide you with a no obligation valuation and cash offer for your home.

In terms of completion timescales, Good Move is a cash property buyer and we are dictated by you when it comes to buying your property. We buy houses in as little as 7 days or if you want a delayed completion up to 3 months, we can accommodate this also. Whilst we don’t pay the full market value for your property, we do cover your seller fees and we can guarantee a quick house sale in your timescales. Good Move remains the most regulated property buying company in the industry, if you want a no obligation discussion about selling your home to move abroad, we are hear to listen and more importantly to help you get a quick property sale!

In conclusion here is a Moving Abroad Checklist on what to do before you set sail to pastures new!

We are regulated by...

  • NAPB
  • RICS
  • NAEA
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Trading Standards

Good Move are proud to be the most regulated property buyer operating in the ‘Quick House Sale’ industry.