The Need For Speed: Selling Your House Faster In The UK

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Selling a property in the UK can be a lengthy and stressful process. The average time from listing to completion sits around 5-6 months, leaving many sellers frustrated with the slow pace. When life circumstances create a need for speed, the traditional property disposal methods often will not suffice. In this guide, we explore tactics and strategies UK homeowners can use when they need to sell a house faster than usual.

We will look at the motivation behind fast sales, the advantages of a quick completion, how to prepare your property to maximise appeal, tips for streamlining viewings and offers, ways to ease the conveyancing process, options for achieving a faster completion, and what the future may hold for accelerating property sales further in the digital era. Whether downsizing after retirement, relocating for a new job or liquidating assets after inheritance, this guide provides a blueprint for sellers who need to swiftly complete the disposal of their home.

Why Sell Your Property Faster?

There are several reasons homeowners may be looking for a faster-than-normal property sale including:

  • Relocating for a new job at short notice and needing to move swiftly.
  • Needing quick access to capital for reasons like medical bills or debt consolidation.
  • Facing repossession or foreclosure and requiring an urgent sale.
  • Going through a divorce or separation where one party needs their share of equity.
  • Emigrating overseas and wanting to quickly sell ahead of moving.
  • Inheriting a property from a deceased relative that needs disposal.
  • Converting a property to cash to fund a new business venture or investment.
  • Retiring abroad and aiming to sell your home while still young and active enough to move.

Whatever the motivation, a faster completion can help sellers more nimbly adjust to life changes and opportunities compared to waiting out a lengthy standard sale.

Advantages of a Quick House Sale

Beyond the obvious benefit of getting access to sale proceeds faster, quick property sales offer other advantages including:

  • Having a definite end date aids planning and coordination for your move.
  • Efficient sales avoid living in limbo not knowing when your property will sell.
  • Quicker access to money from the sale to put towards your next home.
  • Avoiding issues that can arise from delays like buyers losing finance.
  • Reduced stress not worrying about the sale dragging on and stalling.
  • Potentially being able to time your purchase and sale to complete simultaneously or close together.
  • Freeing you from the property to enable life changes like a new job or overseas relocation.

A faster sale provides more flexibility and control when juggling major life moves.

Preparing Your Home for a Fast Sale

Making your property as appealing as possible from the outset will help achieve a quicker sale:

  • Ensure interior decor and furnishings look clean, modern and depersonalised.
  • Make minor repairs to things like door handles, taps, cabinets and light switches.
  • Deep clean the entire property including carpets, walls, tiles and windows.
  • Tidy up exteriors including gardens, fences, entranceways and the roof.
  • Add cosmetic improvements like a fresh coat of neutral paint.
  • Remove or conceal unattractive permanent features that are deal-breakers for many buyers.
  • Declutter each room completely so they look spacious and inviting.

The idea is to present a move-in ready home buyers can easily envision themselves in with minimal work needed.

Pricing It Right for a Fast Sale

Asking above the true market value will deter buyers and slow down your sales. Instead:

  • Research local recent sold prices so you know the competitive range.
  • Seek appraisals from a few estate agents to benchmark expectations.
  • If needed, get an independent valuation from a surveyor.
  • Set the asking price at the lower end of estimations.
  • Remember offers often come in below asking, so price accordingly.

An attractively priced property is more likely to sell quickly, even if it means compromising slightly on the final sale figure.

Marketing Strategies for a Fast Sale

Your estate agent should handle marketing your property through appropriate channels to target genuine motivated buyers. You can support their efforts by:

  • Spread the listing through your social networks and word-of-mouth.
  • Sharing marketing details with co-workers, clubs and other local networks.
  • Ask your agent to hold open houses at varied times to attract as many visitors as possible.
  • Avoiding overused stock photos and writing compelling unique listing descriptions.
  • Promoting any unique amenities, renovations or desirable fixtures your home offers.

Casting a wide net will help secure a suitable buyer faster.

Facilitating Quick and Decisive Viewings

The viewing process can make or break achieving an accelerated sale. To streamline it:

  • Be very flexible with viewing times to cater to buyer schedules.
  • Keep the property immaculately tidy between viewings with no clutter.
  • Open up the home fully during viewings: cupboards, wardrobes, garage, garden shed.
  • Avoid over-talking to viewers and let them experience the space.
  • Provide informative listing sheets with property highlights.
  • Follow up promptly if buyers want a second viewing.

The easier and more accessible you make viewings, the faster buyers will make decisions.

Handling Offers Efficiently

Once offers start flowing in, promptly responding will keep momentum:

  • If an offer meets your expectations, accept it quickly to halt marketing.
  • Negotiate politely via your agent until the deal seems fair to both parties.
  • Respond to all offers, even those you’re declining, so buyers know where they stand.
  • Set a clear deadline for finalising the offer to avoid drawn-out back-and-forth.
  • Inform your conveyancer about an accepted offer so they’re ready to start the legal process.
  • Reconsider re-listing if the sale falls through to capitalise on existing interest.

Carefully managing offers and negotiations will minimise the risk of a sale collapsing and delays starting over.

Smoothing the Conveyancing Process

The conveyancing phase inevitably involves lengthy red tape, however, you can assist by:

  • Appointing your conveyancer as soon as an offer is accepted.
  • Providing all documentation like proof of ID, title deeds, leases, and planning permissions upfront.
  • Agreeing on fixtures to be included, like lighting, and curtains, to avoid later confusion.
  • Chasing progress periodically but not pestering your conveyancer excessively.
  • Following up quickly on any questions or documents the buyer’s conveyancer requests.
  • Agreeing on terms upfront for early occupancy by the buyer if needed.

The more responsive you can be to your conveyancer’s needs, the faster the legal process will progress.

Options for Accelerating Your Completion Date

If your buyer is amenable, consider the following to expedite completion:

  • Complete simultaneously on your sale and new purchase. This avoids delays waiting on one or the other.
  • Prioritise any critical dates you need to meet and work back from there.
  • Be open to flexible moving dates and early buyer possession in exchange for faster completion.
  • Use the same conveyancer for both sales and purchases for smoother information flows between transactions.
  • Add deadline motivations connected to your situation e.g. upcoming international move date.
  • Get all your ducks in a row paperwork-wise so there are no last-minute hold-ups.
  • Offer buyer incentives like contributing to legal fees to motivate their urgency.

Both buyer and seller flexibility will enable a faster completion timeline for the sale.

What Does the Future Hold for Faster House Sales?

Several interesting technology-driven evolutions on the horizon are set to enable faster home sales:

  • Online conveyancing portals allow instant access for buyers, sellers and conveyancers to update documentation.
  • Digitisation of local authority searches, title deeds and existing case documentation to minimise paperwork.
  • Greater uptake of electronic signatures to execute legal contracts without physical document exchange.
  • AI-powered chatbots act as always-available client liaisons for conveyancers to answer common queries.
  • Blockchain integration to decentralise contracts and property information for speedy verification.
  • AR/VR home viewings reduce the need for potential buyers to visit in person multiple times.

Streamlining and modernising processes using these kinds of tools will likely trim weeks or even months from standard property sale timeframes. Sellers looking for faster completions will find technology and digitisation opens up new possibilities.


Selling a property swiftly is achievable for UK homeowners with the right motivation and preparation. From optimal listing strategies to facilitating conveyancing, sellers can trim time at each stage of the disposal journey via careful planning and organisation. Keeping your buyer updated on any deadlines or external factors at play also helps maintain collective focus on working efficiently to completion. While current manual processes cause inevitable delays, emerging legal tech and digitisation look set to grant even more time-saving tools for savvy sellers. If you are wondering “should I sell my house faster for cash?”, remember, whether your fast sale is driven by life events or simple impatience, the means to achieve it are within reach with a disciplined approach.

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