Things You Need To Know When Selling A House With Asbestos

House With Asbestos

Selling a house with asbestos can be difficult. After all, it’s a carcinogen, which means that asbestos can cause cancer much more easily than other substances. Neither you nor the next owners of your home want this, so there are several things you need to know when asking “Can you sell a house with asbestos in the UK?”.

What Are the Properties of Asbestos?

Is it safe to live in a house with asbestos? It turns out, it’s not! Proof of the dangers of asbestos in property dates back to ancient Roman times, and it kills over 5,000 people in the UK every year. It turns out that even inhaling small bits of fibre from asbestos can destroy your lungs and leave you vulnerable to a whole host of issues throughout your life. Asbestos in homes is one of the most common killers in the UK, even beating out traffic crashes.

How To Know If You Have Asbestos In Your Home

When did asbestos stop being used in buildings in the UK? What’s the age of houses with asbestos? It turns out, asbestos didn’t stop being used very long ago.  The UK stopped using asbestos when building in 1999, which means any house built before then has a very good chance of containing asbestos.

How To Tell If Your UK Home has Asbestos

Where is asbestos found in old homes? It turns out, almost everywhere. It’s a tough, soundproof, and even fireproof material, which means it’s in almost every part of the home. It was commonly used in roofing, flooring, ceiling tiles, behind fireplaces, in panelling, and even tucked behind fuse boxes to reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Asbestos in a house can be lurking anywhere, making it very difficult to root it out entirely.

Getting Rid of Asbestos in Homes

Now, you may be a little tight on money, and you might be asking yourself- “Can I remove asbestos myself in the UK?” or even “How do I clean my house after asbestos exposure?” Both of these questions have very simple answers. Asbestos in a house can be difficult to remove, but it’s simple enough when you call a licensed professional to do it. Don’t try to remove asbestos yourself- that’s illegal and may result in fines. Instead, contact someone who’s licensed and certified to remove asbestos. If you’re more inclined to start over, the cost to demolish a house with asbestos in the UK runs from about £10 to £20 per square foot.

Is it Illegal to Sell A House With Asbestos?

It turns out it’s still very legal to sell a property with asbestos, although you do have to go through the process of declaring asbestos when selling a house in the UK. If you bought the house and your seller didn’t disclose asbestos in the UK, that’s illegal– and you also need to deal with that very quickly. In addition to buying a place with asbestos in the home, can you get a mortgage on a home with asbestos in the UK? Yes! Can you sell a house with an asbestos garage? Yes! You can do anything with a non-asbestos home, just as well when there’s asbestos in the home.

Selling A Home With Asbestos UK

It’s not difficult to engage in selling a house with asbestos in the UK. To sell, just like any home, always make sure you get a home buyer’s asbestos survey– that will tell you conclusively what hazardous materials may exist in your home, and whether or not there’s asbestos in your property. This is your easy guide on how to stop worrying about asbestos in your home, and it turns out that you have two options: you can sell, or you can clean up. Both are legal as long as you hire the right people, so it’s really simple to get rid of asbestos in your UK home.

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