What Adds The Most Value To A House?

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Looking to make your home more attractive to buyers? You’re not alone. Learning how to add value to your home is a must if you’re going to maintain your investment. What adds the most value to a house in the UK, though? Does a new kitchen add value? Which ones are the best home improvements to help build your investment? Keep reading to get the answer to these questions and more.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

If you’re looking for home improvement ideas that really pay off, and you’re interested in adding value to your home, you simply won’t do better than addressing your kitchen and bathroom on a regular basis. How much value does a new kitchen add? How can a new bathroom add value to your home? Let’s take a look at both renovations to understand better how to increase your home value in these spaces.

The Kitchen: This is often the first thing buyers look at in a property, so if possible you’ll want to do everything you can here. If you can’t afford a full kitchen makeover, paint the cabinets, replace the handles, and add good lighting. Countertops should be your next concern, then flooring. You want it to look bright, neat, modern, and spacious.

The Bathroom: You want your bathroom to look like a luxury oasis, so do what you can to help create that feel. If you can update the tiling around the bathtub or shower, do so. If you can’t, at least regrout everything and eliminate the limescale. You’ll likely want to replace your taps, too. Additionally, be sure the flooring complements the room as a whole and the walls are a neutral shade.

The Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the second most important feature in a home, and you’ll absolutely want to make changes to them to help increase the value of your home. In the master bedroom, you’ll want to make it look as spacious as possible. Work with neutral colours here, and be sure the flooring looks cosy. If you feel like you don’t have enough bedrooms in your home, you may want to build an addition. How much value does an extra bedroom add? Often several thousand pounds, because one of the ways people search for a home is by the number of bedrooms, so adding another, could put your home in an entirely different class. Among the home improvement ideas for UK homes you’ll find, this is one of the top ones.

Energy Efficiency

What adds value to a house unlike anything else? If you’re working on learning how to increase the value of your home, one of the most often cited tips you’ll come across is to boost your energy efficiency. Now more than ever before, people are looking for homes that offer energy-efficient features, so it’s one of the best ways to add value to your home. Consider replacing outdated appliances or taking further steps like adding solar panels.

How Not to Add Value to Your Home

It’s important to note that there are home improvements that do not add value to UK homes. For example, most people don’t want a pool because of the liability and care it needs. You’ll also want to avoid DIY home improvement projects if you’re looking for the best ways to add value to your home. They often lead to shoddy workmanship, and that can actually damage the value of your home.

Learning what adds the most value to a house is key before you start spending money on improvements because it will help you better spend your money and improve your home.

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