What Type of House Sells Best?

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Wondering just how popular your property is? Across the UK, some homes just sell faster than others, and often that comes down to the type of home you have. In fact, if you’re currently working to sell your home, you may be able to use your home’s type in your marketing efforts, depending on just how popular that style is. Which homes are the most popular across the UK? There are actually a number of factors that play a role in how fast a property sells.

Home Styles That Sell Well

Most UK data indicates that colonial-style homes tend to sell fairly quickly and for more money than most other homes. They’re so important to buyers because they offer lots of functional living space that can be used in a variety of ways. In more urban spaces, though, this information changes considerably. In places like London and Birmingham, flats tend to sell the fastest. They are huge space savers and offer a far better value in bigger metropolitan areas than other kinds of properties.

Home Sizes That Sell Well

The single most popular type of home is a three-bedroom property across the country. On average, this kind of home takes an average of just 122 days to move from “for sale” to “sold.” The next most popular option is the four-bedroom property, as it only takes 141 days to sell.

Other Factors that Affect Sales Time

One of the most important factors in how quickly a home sells is the price itself. Homes that seem like a good value move far more quickly than those that don’t. If a house is listed between £200,000 and £250,000, you’ll find it tends to move in around 83 days. Other homes tend to take far longer.

Location can also affect how quickly a home sells. Liverpool tends to offer some of the fastest sales in the UK. There, many houses will sit on the market for just 12 days before an offer is made. In general, if your home is in a great location that is in a good school catchment area, has easy access to transport links, and is close to lots of green spaces and nearby restaurants and shops, you’ll find that it will sit on the market for far less time.

Marketing is also a major factor. Homes listed with estate agents tend to sell far faster than those that are listed by individuals. They have access to larger marketing platforms than individuals do, and this can mean that your home gets more showings and more exposure overall, which will help it sell much faster.

The Bottom Line

No matter your home style, you can expect it to sit on the traditional market for between four and six months. If you have one of the most popular home styles, you could have it sold in around three months. That number could go down significantly if you sell it to a cash buyer or a home investment company.

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