Simple Front Garden Ideas To Transform Your Space

Simple front garden ideas to transform your space

Your front garden should be a place you love to spend time all year round, and it’s important to make it reflective of your personality.

In this article, we’ve explored possible garden fence ideas, how you can use colour to your advantage, how to determine whether your front garden has year-round curb appeal, and the instances in which you may require planning permission.

Whether you’re designing your perfect oasis or giving your existing features a little love, discover how to make your front garden ideas a reality with Good Move.

Front garden fence ideas

Garden fences are one of the easiest structures to add to your space; for a start, they require far less work to construct than a brick or drystone wall. And yet, they can be packed with character and effortlessly breathe fresh life into your garden.

We’ve outlined our top three fence designs for you to consider, as part of your front garden designs. Additionally, discover how each can offer a practical purpose as well as a stylish statement.

1. Horizontal fencing makes your front garden appear bigger

Not everyone has a huge garden, but a simple way to increase the illusion of space is to use your fencing efficiently. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is to incorporate a horizontal design throughout, to elongate the appearance of your boundaries.

This modern style fencing can also be used to inject contemporary charm, which can be used to update a tired socialising space or complement a modern exterior.

2. Lattice fencing offers stylish privacy

If you’re looking to enhance personal privacy in your front garden, without compromising on sophisticated style, your best bet could be to implement lattice fencing.

Not only does a lattice design give you a handy divider from public pathways, but it also provides your space with light airiness that’s hard to come by with solid structures.

3. Acoustic fencing can help to reduce noise pollution

For extra garden quietness, consider building acoustic fencing that reduces external noise pollution. This is especially useful if your home is situated within a busy complex or estate, or just off a main road; it makes contained family activity and socialising far more enjoyable.

Give your front garden ideas a colour injection

There’s few things more refreshing than a splash of colour in your garden, to make your outside space more inviting. Discover our three simple ways you can improve your front garden area with colour.

1. Flowers

A classic way to offer additional vibrancy to your garden is to pick out a collection of colourful flowers. With the full colour spectrum at your disposal, consider everything from soft blues and yellows to rich reds and oranges.

But don’t limit yourself to flowering blooms; leafy greens can be just as effective. Finally, don’t overdo it; try to determine your palette and stick to it.

2. Planters and pots

While flowers may be the obvious choice to add colour to your garden space, it’s important not to overlook the value in picking out gorgeously eye-catching planters and pots. Whether you go for organic wooden benches or beautiful ceramics, utilise your containers to inject vibrancy.

3. Painted fencing

If you don’t have the space for flowers or plant pots, but still want to add colour to your garden, why not give your fencing and features a lick of paint? Whether you opt for natural wooden tones or something a little bolder, there’s no limit to how creative you can be.

Do your front garden design ideas offer curb appeal?

When styling your front garden ideas, it’s important to take curb appeal into account. This is in reference to the attractiveness of your house and garden, if somebody were to view your property from the roadside outside; think about whether somebody would be more likely to want to buy your home because of your garden, or whether they would be put off. For example:

  • Can you hide your bins behind greenery/hedges or a wooden frame?
  • Trimming your shrubs and plants can massively improve a front garden first impression.
  • By giving your peeling paintwork a touch up, you can easily inject vividness and freshness across your garden.
  • Pressure washing your walkways can immediately give your front garden area a refresh. As far as front garden path ideas go, the easiest way to transform your stone paving or brickwork is to attend to lingering dirt and algae.
  • Upgrading your front porch light from a shabby lantern to a vintage or impressively contemporary piece (depending on the style of your home) can offer subtle improvement to your front garden space.

Additionally, as well as basic maintenance, it’s important to balance creativity and individuality with timelessness, when realising your front garden ideas. Whether you’re enhancing your house with a view to selling immediately or making improvements for the benefit of yourself and your family, working your front garden designs around the ‘street style’, or something relatively conventional, can make it easier to sell your house quickly when the time comes that you choose to move home.

Top tips for year-round garden maintenance

Part of improving the curb appeal of your garden is to ensure you’re keeping on top of your space during each season. Discover our top tips for managing your garden all year round.

  • Winter

Across the winter months, it might be easy to neglect your garden as the weather becomes chillier. However, while flowers might not be blooming, you should look to maintain your soil (especially if it’s sensitive to rain, snow, and ice) so it’s in the best shape for spring growth.

  • Spring

Your spring-time garden is a beautiful sight, with your flowers and plants beginning to bloom. There’s little work for you to do during spring, apart from keeping an eye on your plant life to ensure it’s growing as expected.

  • Summer

Similarly to spring, there’s very little you’re required to keep your garden looking its best in summer. During the warmer months, though, just make sure to top your flowers up with water where necessary.

  • Autumn

During the autumn months, you’ll need to work a little on your garden to cut back on some overgrown shrubbery and collect fallen leaves.

Make sure your front garden designs adhere to planning rules

Before committing to your garden redesign, it’s important to clarify whether your ideas require planning permission; this is most likely to be the case in respect to fences, gates, and walls. While most structures are absolutely fine, there are various criteria you should adhere to, including:

  • If your fence, gate, or wall is beside a main road, you cannot make it taller than one metre.
  • If your fence, gate, or wall is anywhere else on your property, it cannot exceed two metres in height.
  • If you already have a fence, gate, or wall that exceeds the two-metre limit, you cannot make it any taller.

While there are restrictions in place for material structures, there are none for hedges; unless your greenery is an obstruction to residents or gets in the way of a driver’s line of sight, you can grow your hedge as tall as your garden requires.

Do you need planning permission to turn a front garden into a drive?

Changing front garden to parking spaces can be an attractive proposition, particularly if you regularly invite guests over, you’ve just bought a large caravan or campervan, or have a growing portfolio of cars courtesy of driving children. However, altering your space in such a way doesn’t come without some basic criteria:

  1. Your driveway must be made from permeable materials, that allow water to drain efficiently. This helps to protect your home from flooding. Acceptable materials include gravel and porous block paving. Following this guidance allows you to create your driveway with no permissions required
  2. Any driveway not made from permeable materials cannot exceed five square metres in surface area. If your front garden designs for a new driveway are bigger than this, you will require planning permission.


Transforming your outdoor space needn’t be complicated; in fact, if you take on our simple front garden ideas, you’ll begin to notice an immediate improvement, for both family time, social gatherings, and everyday enjoyment. For even more property advice, including how to create and take care of your balcony garden, be sure to take a look at our blog.

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