Things To Do After Selling Your Property

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Congratulations on successfully selling your home! As you wait for the day of completion, you can begin thinking about how you’ve officially crossed the threshold into a new chapter of your life. While the process of selling a home can be both exciting and relieving, it often leaves sellers with a host of questions about what comes next. Whether you’re downsizing, relocating, or simply ready for a change, the post-sale period is a crucial time that requires careful consideration and planning.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential steps and considerations for home sellers who have recently closed a deal. From tying up loose ends to embracing your next adventure, we’ll provide valuable insights and practical tips to ensure a smooth transition into your post-sale journey. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and let’s dive into what awaits you after the “Sold” sign has been planted in your front yard.

Step  1– Declutter Your House, But Don’t Get Rid Of Anything That Stays!

Decluttering your house before a move is a crucial step to streamline the packing process and ensure a fresh start in your new home. Begin by tackling one room at a time, sorting items into a few different categories like those you intend to keep, those you intend to donate, and those you would like to throw away. Assess each item’s relevance and sentimental value, only retaining those truly essential or meaningful. Let go of items you no longer use or need. Consider organising a sale or listing items online to get rid of more and earn additional money for your move. Utilise storage solutions like bins and boxes to neatly pack and label belongings, making unpacking at the new destination more efficient. Additionally, making donations to a charity shop reduces clutter but also benefits those in need. By adopting a systematic approach and embracing a minimalist mindset, you’ll not only simplify your move but also create a more organised and stress-free living space in your new home.

As you work, though, consult the fixtures and fittings form you completed for the buyers. The last thing you want to do is get rid of something you said would stay behind after you’ve moved.

Step 2– Create An Essentials Box

Before you begin to properly pack what’s been left behind by your decluttering adventure, you’ll want to create an essentials box for your moving day. That will make certain that you have everything you need for your first night in the new house ready and available. Start by selecting a container that’s different from the ones you’ll use to pack everything else. A clear plastic container is likely the best choice because you can quickly identify the contents at a glance. Then pack your essentials like your toiletries, a change of clothes for each family member, any medications you may use, and your most important documents. Add those essential kitchen supplies like your favourite mug and the kettle, as well as some snacks and non-perishable food so everyone stays fuelled through the first twenty-four hours. You’ll want to put your electronics, like your laptop, in the box, as well as any essential chargers. Add some bedding and linens for that first night, and some cleaning supplies in case you need to do some cleaning when you get to your new space. Some basic tools to open boxes and reassemble furniture would be helpful as well. Label the box clearly, and store it in your vehicle so it’s easily accessible and doesn’t get lost with the rest of your belongings.

Step 3 – Talk To A Removals Company

The best next step you can take is to talk to a removals company. Most will pack your belongings and move them to your new home. Many offer insurance along the way to make certain that nothing is damaged in the process.

Not sure a professional team is the right choice for you? Working with the right removals company can help eliminate much of the stress you’re feeling that often comes along with the move after you’ve sold your home. They’ll help navigate all of the logistics you may not have previously considered, and that means you can focus more on other steps knowing that everything you own will arrive safely and on schedule in your new house.

Step 4– Make Arrangements For The Kids And The Pets

Your children and your pets are often stressed when moving day arrives, so making sure they feel safe and comfortable throughout the process is a good way to minimise stress for everyone involved. If you have children, explain the moving process to them in a way they can understand. It may even help to show them the new house if you get a chance. If possible, you may want to arrange for someone to care for the children well away from the flurry of activity on moving day. Be sure to create a moving day bag just for your child with a few of their favourite toys, snacks, and something to do when they arrive at the new home. When they do arrive, designate a safe zone well away from any chaos to help keep them out of the way. As much as you can, stay with your regular routine including meal times and bed times to provide a sense of familiarity.

If you have pets, be sure they have updated microchip details. On the day of the move, see if you can leave them with a friend or even a pet sitter while you actually make the move to help reduce their stress level. Be sure to pack an essentials bag for your pet, too, with their bedding, food bowl, water bowl, and their food. Transport them as safely as possible. When they do arrive in the new space, start them off in just a single room so they can explore. Gradually allow them to explore other spaces in the house.

Step 5– Deep Clean!

Once everything has been moved out of your home, do a deep cleaning for the new occupants. It helps to ensure a smooth transition for the new owners because they can move in without having to deal with any dirt, grime, or clutter left behind after the move, making their move-in experience more pleasant. It can also help give you the peace of mind you need that you didn’t leave anything behind before you move on to your new space.

Step 6– Leave Behind A Guide To Your House

One other way you can be helpful to the individuals who bought your home is to put together a quick guide to your house helping them understand how things work and where everything is. Whether it’s how to turn the boiler on or the stack of appliance manuals with a note about the collection day for refuse and recycling, it’s certain to be appreciated by the new owners.

Step 7– Have The Locks Changed At The New House

On the day you plan to begin living in your new house, be sure you have the locks changed by a professional. Even though the previous owners handed over the keys on the day of completion, you can’t be certain who might have copies of the keys to your new home. Almost anyone may have access to the property. Changing the locks ensures that you have control over who has keys to your property. Moreover, upgrading to new, more secure locks enhances the overall security of your home and reduces the risk of a break-in. It also allows you to customise the security features of your home. You can choose locks that fit your specific needs, such as smart locks with advanced security features or locks that meet certain industry standards.

Step 8– Enjoy Your New Space

When everything is complete, the final step in the process is to enjoy your brand-new space. The excitement of moving into a great new space for your family cannot be understated, so as busy as you’ll feel trying to make your space your own, try to enjoy the moment.

The List Is Only The Beginning

The journey doesn’t end with the closing of the sale of your home. From tying up loose ends to embracing a fresh start, each post-sale task plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition to your next chapter. By focusing on tasks like decluttering, deep cleaning, and securing your new home, you not only honour the property you’re leaving but also set the stage for a positive and organised beginning in your new space. Remember, the period after selling your home is an opportunity for reflection, organisation, and renewal. So, as you embark on this exciting journey, take a deep breath, trust the process, and savour the anticipation of the adventures that lie ahead. Your new chapter awaits, and with these post-sale tasks behind you, you’re well-prepared to make it a successful and fulfilling one. Cheers to new beginnings and your brand-new home.

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