To Sell Your House Fast, Recognise the Power Of “No Onward Chain”

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly, you’re probably considering all of your potential options. You want a sale that comes in at considerably less time than the average four to six months most homes sit on the market today in the UK. What can you do to make sure that’s a reality for you? Consider using the term “No Onward Chain” in your marketing.

What Does No Onward Chain Mean?

Many home sellers use the phrase “No onward chain” meaning that the property isn’t part of a property chain, which can be deadly to many sales today. If you see the term, “No Onward Chain,” the meaning is fairly simple for a buyer. The person who is selling the property isn’t purchasing another one with the money from the sale of that property. So, what does no onward chain mean, and how can you use it to your advantage? A property chain is one of the biggest factors in the slow real estate process seen across the UK because most property sales are part of a bigger chain. The sale of one property demands the completion of another property sale. Here’s an example that might help. You are selling your house so you can buy a house on the coast. You are using the money from the sale of your house to buy that house. That’s a property chain in action.

What does no onward chain mean when buying a house? It literally means that the property you’re purchasing is ready to be sold right away, and there are many reasons for that. A “No Onward Chain” house might be the result of inherited property. It could be that the individual is moving on and renting in another location. It could also be that the person is moving into care or something similar. When buyers see “Sold with No Onward Chain” they tend to get excited. The reason is simple. The sale itself tends to be safer and faster. The meaning of “No Onward Chain” comes through loud and clear to buyers. The property chain ends with that sale, and no one needs to worry about the potential of other real estate transactions damaging the sale of that home.

Benefits Abound for Both Buyers and Sellers

As a seller, understanding “What is no onward chain” means better marketing your property so you get a faster than average sale. As a buyer, knowing what “no onward chain” means can be the difference between a virtually guaranteed sale and one that could fall through at the last second and leave you in a lurch. The simple answer here is that knowing the “no onward chain” meaning can make all the difference here because it spells a faster option for both buyers and sellers alike. No onward chain sales can still fall through, but it’s far more possible that a no onward chain sale is going to move forward very quickly, something nearly everyone involved wants.

What Does No Onward Chain Mean When You Market Your House?

As you work to develop the right marketing campaign for your house, you know you want one that will have buyers walking through the door as quickly as possible. Whether you’re marketing it on your own or you’re working with an estate agent, you want to develop the right marketing materials to get your house on and off the market as fast as you possibly can. When you include the term “no onward chain” in your marketing material, you’re making that happen. Buyers will see it and recognise just what that might mean for them.

When “No Onward Chain” Isn’t Speeding Up Your Sale

If you’ve included the right terminology in your marketing, and you’re still not getting the result you want, there’s still one place to turn – GoodMove. We work with home sellers on a regular basis to ensure faster sales for cash. As a cash-buying home company, we can help you get the money you need out of your home sale quickly so you can move forward with your life. Maybe the best part, though, is that you don’t even have to worry about using the right marketing lingo with us. Just enter your postcode into our site now, and we’ll get back to you with a fast, free offer on your home in less than 48 hours.

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