Top Interior Design Ideas To Incorporate In Your Home

Top interior design tips for 2021

A resolution atop many a New Year list, redesigning your home is as exciting as it is monumental. With endless possibility to express creativity, it can almost become easy to get overwhelmed with choice. Fortunately, we’ve compiled our top five home interior design trends for you to enjoy. Delving deep into each design, we explore the ways to apply and recreate our ideas with layout and budget in mind.

Choosing cottagecore chic

Live out your farmhouse fantasy and style your home with rustic woods, metals, and rich fabrics. A trend which became heavily popularised towards the end of the last decade, cottagecore is largely centred around the notion of country chic.

Designed to complement a vision of rural charm, combining endearing features with sophisticated accessories to offer just the right level of luxuriousness without teetering into overawing ostentatiousness. If mindfulness and serenity are priorities, especially within a work-from-home office environment, effortlessly combine stony neutrals with natural elements and leafy greens.

With an emphasis on soft tones, repurposed materials, and agricultural aesthetics, think ‘Little Women’ and all things Austen.

Get creative with colour

Breathe fresh life into your tired home with a dash of colour inspired by the trends set to rock the new year. Spruce up your space according to Pantone’s Spring/Summer colour chart, with blues, greens, and reds dominating, combined with subtly contrasting monochromes.

Similarly, pastels and sorbet shades have been a long-time favourite within interior colour trends. Softer hues strike the delicate balance of playful liveliness and vividity before becoming overbearing and harsh.

Coming from a different angle, earthy tones are also big on the agenda for 2021 thanks to ‘Brave Ground’ taking the crown as Dulux’s colour of the year. When worked with neutral accessories and appliances, enjoy charming warmth across your home office, living room, and bedroom.

A makeover in its simplest form, getting creative with colour couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re incorporating patterned wallpaper, giving walls a lick of paint, or opting for a change of fabric, there are very few wrong answers.

There’s nothing like Nordic minimalism

An all-time popular home interior design trend, for good reason, this convenient style brings together all the positive elements that have made Scandinavian simplicity a seriously coveted way of life. Taking shape in the furniture, accessories, and fabrics you choose and arrange, the uncompromising Nordic commitment to clean lines and uncomplicated living enables for an effortless redesign that especially works well in a smaller space.

Making particular use of natural light and pleasing pastel tones, vibrant living is made easy. Styling according to the essence of hygge, the not-so-easily translatable Danish feeling of comfortable contentment (not dissimilar to practicing Feng Shui), also heavily promotes cosiness in your surroundings.

With an air of positivity at every turn and minimalism at its core, this elegant take on interior design gives your home a sense of sleek serenity that comfortingly weaves its way into your day-to-day mood.

Vintage – it’s a vibe

Unlike popular home interior styles that come and go, vintage styles offer an elegant and timeless appeal. With glamorously aged pieces, each with their own story to tell, take the time to develop a truly historic home brimming with interesting relics from iconic eras. This can be executed through your choice of accessories, fabrics, and palette.

We’re talking rustic antiques, repurposed retro, and just about anything considered classic chic. From old school furniture to one-off accessories, make sure to always consider how you can offer a stylish twist with your design choices, whether upcycling yourself or discovering something spectacular.

If full-blown vintage isn’t your vibe, consider a subtler approach that, instead, offers distinct contrast to contemporary appliances and style. Rustic accessories work a charm and can be incorporated across the home.

It’s important not to rush the process, so get into the habit of visiting antique showrooms every now and then to find your next favourite piece to complement your home.

Make a big difference with little details

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference, so consider scaling down your vision in favour of subtle class. Impress and improve without compromising on the familiar look you’ve grown to love, through bold vibrancy, stand-out furniture, and statement pieces.

Pay attention to the details that make your home truly special, however small they be. For instance, your countertop kitchenware, everyday bathroom accessories, and cosy fireplace candle arrangement can all be altered and redesigned to suit your idea of perfection at comparatively little cost.

As hinted, this is the ideal approach if you’re redecorating on a budget. Not only does it provide a simple solution for your interior makeover needs, but you’ll likely save a bucketful on paint, wallpaper, appliances, and furniture too. After all, less is more.

Giving your home a refresh comes with its challenges – not least deciding on a style you love. Hopefully, we’ve offered plenty of food for thought, with our top five trends of 2021 sure to impress friends, family, and neighbours alike. For the latest from us, including even more ways to shake up your home, head to our blog.

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