Where Should I Put £70K From My Property Sale?

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When selling a residential property in the UK, homeowners often find themselves with lump sum capital proceeds that require careful management. For example, many sellers cashing out their principal home may realise equity around the £70,000 mark after repaying their mortgage. The question then arises – where is best to invest such proceeds to maximise returns?

This article explores the options available to effectively handle a £70,000 sum from a UK property sale, looking at:

  • Tax considerations on property sale proceeds
  • Savings and investment vehicles to protect and grow capital
  • Considering risks and returns on different assets
  • Weighing investing versus paying off debts
  • Using funds to upgrade the next property
  • Getting professional financial advice
  • Avoiding common pitfalls and scams

By evaluating the range of choices, sellers can formulate an informed plan to optimise managing the financial outcomes of their property sale.

Understanding Tax Impacts on Sale Proceeds

Before considering where to allocate sale funds, homeowners must clarify tax impacts:

  • Capital gains tax may apply if the property sold was not a main residence.
  • Income tax is due on any rental income derived before the sale.
  • Tax advice should be sought to ensure implications are handled correctly.

Determining tax liabilities provides clarity on the net sales proceeds available for allocation.

Savings Options to Protect Capital

For risk-averse homeowners, savings products provide security:

  • Cash ISAs protect savings from tax and offer flexibility for withdrawals.
  • Fixed-rate bonds lock away funds at higher interest rates over set terms.
  • Regular savings accounts encourage disciplined ongoing deposits.
  • NS&I premium bonds provide secure returns through prices.
  • High-interest current accounts can generate returns on liquid cash.

Protecting a portion of property proceeds in secure savings allows risk-free capital preservation.

Investment Opportunities for Growth

To seek returns higher than savings, investment options include:

  • Stocks and shares ISAs invest in equities and funds to earn market-linked returns.
  • Investment trusts pool money to purchase assets like shares and property.
  • Index funds track markets like the FTSE100 for diversified low-cost access.
  • Government and corporate bonds provide fixed income over set durations.
  • Buy-to-let property generates rental yields over the long term.

Investing provides potential inflation-beating returns but also capital risks that must be accepted.

Considering Risks and Returns

Weighing up risks and potential yields helps determine suitable investments:

  • Savings are low risk but returns may not outpace inflation long term.
  • Shares and funds offer higher long-run gains but values can fluctuate.
  • Rental property yields monthly income with risks around voids and maintenance.
  • Bonds provide middle-ground fixed returns but tie up capital.

Diversifying across a portfolio of savings, equities and bonds balances risks and rewards.

Paying Off Debts Versus Investing Proceeds

An alternative to investing sale proceeds is paying off any outstanding debts:

  • Mortgages and loans can be fully or partially repaid to reduce interest costs.
  • Credit cards and overdrafts carry high interest, so repaying brings savings.
  • Be sure to avoid early repayment charges if settling mortgages.
  • Paying debts boosts monthly disposable income.

This provides a risk-free return equal to the interest rate saved but reduces investable capital.

Using Funds to Upgrade Next Property

If selling one home to buy another, the proceeds help upgrade:

  • A larger deposit secures better mortgage rates and affordability.
  • Equity can purchase a more expensive property.
  • Funds enable renovations and improvements in new homes.
  • Excess income cushions mortgage payments during ownership transitions.

Reinvesting a house sale into the next purchase accelerates property wealth.

Getting Professional Financial Advice

Advisers help assess the best options to allocate substantial capital sums:

  • Independent financial advisers have no product biases.
  • Tax experts assist in navigating CGT and income tax implications.
  • Mortgage brokers find optimal new loan deals.
  • Accountants look holistically at finances and cash flow.

Given the complexity around optimising sale proceeds, most sellers benefit from specialist guidance rather than putting their money into a new account without a comprehensive strategy. This helps avoid costly mistakes.

Avoiding Pitfalls and Scams

When managing property sale proceeds, homeowners should beware:

  • Being pressured into hasty or risky investment decisions is a sign of potential scams.
  • Promises of too-good-to-be-true returns or guarantees.
  • Opaque investments with hidden risks or fees.
  • Insurance salespeople pressuring protections like equity release deals.
  • Letting proceeds sit in low-interest current accounts wastes potential.

Seeking reputable financial advice and doing due diligence helps identify these red flags so that substantial sale funds can be protected from potential pitfalls or predators.


Net proceeds from a property sale require informed management. While protecting capital is often the priority, investing a portion in assets like shares and bonds can provide long-term inflation-beating returns. Other options like funding the next property or paying off debts also have merit. With substantial sums, obtaining professional financial advice avoids costly missteps and identifies the most advantageous strategies. Careful research and planning ensure sellers avoid risks and maximise control of their property wealth.

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