Why Choose A Property Buying Company Over An Agent

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When you need to sell your home fast, you must choose the right estate agent or property purchasing company for your needs.  Property purchasing companies bring many benefits to the table.

Reasons to Choose A Property Buying Company Over An Agent

  1. Property-buying companies offer fast, reliable service. They are the quickest option when you need to sell your home fast.  Within 1 to 2 days after you contact them, they can have an offer ready for you to review.  Within 2 to 3 weeks after that, you could be finalizing the sale.  One of the reasons property-buying companies can do this so quickly is that they have the available funds to purchase your property right away.  There is no need for any financing options or a mortgage.
  2. When you choose a property-buying company, there is no uncertainty as to if your home will sell.  They will buy your property as is.  Guaranteed.  They will present an offer and if it is acceptable to you, you move forward.  The sale will go forward and be finalized.  You won’t have any worries about financing or any other miscellaneous issues.
  3. With a property purchasing company, there is no need to worry about cleaning your home for viewings or showings.  You don’t have to deal with buyers or estate agents.  You get an offer; you get two valuations (paid for by the property purchasing company); the company will go through all the steps for you and help you in every way.  You can have convenience and peace of mind.
  4. No fees. Property purchasing companies typically take care of all the fees.  They don’t charge any commissions.  They take care of the legal fees or, if you would prefer to use your solicitor, they will often reimburse you up to £
  5. In charge of their own decisions. Property-buying companies offer the ability to be more flexible about the purchase of properties that might not be in the best of conditions.  Properties that are perhaps in poor condition or aren’t necessarily optimal in structure have the advantage of being able to be purchased, too.

Choose Wisely

Property buying companies are not all alike.  Make sure you incorporate your due diligence efforts into your strategy to find a reputable and experienced company to work with.  They should be properly accredited by affiliated organisations to ensure professional quality and reliability.

Is My Home Sale a Suitable Match For A Property Buying Company?

Property-buying companies have some latitude when they are deciding on property to purchase.  In general, the factors they take into consideration include:

  1. Few or no repairs are needed to the home.
  2. Some neighbourhoods or locations are more favourable than others.
  3. It can depend on whether your home is a multi-family or single property, or perhaps it is on commercial property.
  4. If you need, or want, to sell your property quickly, a property purchasing company is almost always a good match.
  5. If you are in some financial distress, a property-buying company is almost always a good fit in this scenario as well.

Research, interview, and ask questions before you decide on someone to sell your home.  You will have convenience and peace of mind when you choose the right property-purchasing company.

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