How To Guide: The Cost Of Selling A House

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Selling a house? It can be a frustrating time fraught with all kinds of issues. You have to wait for the house to sell. You’ll have tons of paperwork as you work to sell a house, and, on top of everything else, you may not make quite what you initially expected when you sell the house. That price shift could be because buyers didn’t make the offer you’d hoped for, but it may also come down to the sheer cost of selling a house. What are the costs to sell a house, and how can you keep a lid on it as you move through the process?  This quick guide will help you learn more about the average cost of selling a house that UK residents often pay and what you can do to lower the cost to sell a house.

Cost Of Preparing A Home For Sale

As you likely realised the moment you decided to sell the house, there are plenty of things to do to prepare your house even to put it on the market, and most of them have an associated cost. While you don’t have to do anything dramatic like give your kitchen a complete makeover, you will need to take care of all of the little things buyers might see as a potential drawbacks. The answer to the question of how much it cost to sell a house often begins the moment you start preparing your home for sale.

To get started, often one of the first things you’ll want to do is a deep clean. To make this happen, many individuals use a professional cleaning service, and for good reason. It’s a great way to save some time as you work to get everything else ready. It’s also one of the many fees for selling a house that some people pay. Typically you can expect to pay around £25 per hour for this service.

Once your home is clean, you’ll find there are additional costs of selling a house buried in the preparation alone. The next step is to make all of those small home repairs necessary to attract potential buyers to your house. For example, repairing the knobs on the kitchen cabinets is a  good step, as is repairing that cracked tile you’ve been meaning to address in the kitchen. You may even want to add a fresh coat of paint to cover the scuff marks. Typically these tiny projects tend to add up, and they can impact the cost of selling a house that UK sellers end up paying. In this case, you could expect to pay somewhere around £300 – £500 depending on how many little repairs you need to make.

The last step involved is amping up your kerb appeal, and among house selling costs, this is one of the least. You need to give the outside of your home a good look. Trim the garden, powerwash the path, and make certain your home looks fantastic from the outside. Often you can do this for less than £200.

The biggest problem with these costs is that you won’t find them listed when you do your research. For example, if you use a cost of selling a house calculator UK sellers often do, they don’t list these kinds of costs, so don’t neglect them as you prepare to put your home on the market.

Cost Of An Estate Agent

One of the many costs when selling a house you will see, however,  is the estate agent fees for selling. One of the most commonly asked questions among home sellers is “How much are estate agent fees?” There’s a reason for that. They’re among the highest seller’s fees for house sales in the UK. Estate agent fees for selling vary widely, but in most cases, you can estimate them pretty well with an estate agent fees calculator for UK mortgage companies and others in the home selling and buying business post. At first glance, estate agent fees UK residents pay don’t seem astronomical. Typically, the average estate agent fees are between 1.5% and 2% of the total sales price. The real problem with estate agent fees for selling a house, though, is that they tend to add up. When you start doing the math and asking yourself “How much do estate agents charge to sell a house like mine,” you’re going to come up with some fairly scary numbers. Often estate agent fees calculator options will show you those costs go into the thousands of pounds range. Average estate agent fees in the UK in 2022 were 42%. Estate agent selling fees in the UK are only projected to increase, too. What’s more, though, is that the only thing you can do to save on estate agents fees for selling a house is to shop around and find the right agent to meet your needs AND your budget. The answer to the question of how much estate agents charge UK sellers is a variable one, and it varies not only from region to region but also from house to house. How much does an estate agent charge for your house? The only way to know for sure is to get a quote.

Conveyancing Fees

Another big concern for many sellers is the solicitor fees for selling a house. In general, solicitors’ fees for selling a house are just over £1,000. As with average estate agent fees, however, solicitors fees for selling a house in 2022 in the UK vary widely.  Just how much is a solicitors fee for selling a house? That will depend on several factors. You can’t always rely on the average solicitor’s fees for selling a house to get the right number for you. Instead, the average solicitor fees for selling a house are just that – an average. To get applicable solicitors fees for selling a house, UK sellers must do a bit of research. Often asking a search engine “How much do solicitors charge to sell a house” will only result in those average numbers again. Instead, you’ll need to do some research, firm by firm. Find out each solicitor’s cost of selling a house like yours. Remember, the more complex your situation – if you have a leasehold property, for instance, the higher the solicitor fee for selling a house. Bottom line, then – how much are solicitors’ fees for selling a house like yours? In many cases, a conveyancing costs calculator UK solicitors add to their website won’t give you an exact number. Instead, you’ll have to do a bit of detective work to get the actual conveyancing costs UK 2022 sellers as you will pay on your home. Make some calls, and talk to others who have just paid those same house selling fees. Then you’ll get a better idea of what it will take to pay a solicitor to sell your house and finalise the paperwork.

Finding the Right Answer

The costs listed here are just an estimate. To better understand what your costs will be, it would be worth it to look around at houses similar to yours and find out what their overall costs were. Learning the answer to “How much did a house sell for on my block” can be incredibly important when you’re selling the house so you can uncover the fees involved. Fortunately, these days, it’s fairly easy to uncover the answer to the question “How much did that house sell for.” Data from sites like RightMove and Zoopla abound, and all of them will help you answer that question so you can get a better sense of the fees involved. The cost of selling a house isn’t always easy to estimate. As you ask yourself “What are the costs of selling a house?” or “What fees do you pay when selling a house in the UK?” be sure to do lots of research.  Selling house fees vary from place to place and house to house. How much to sell a house in one area may be very different from the information you find online. You may want to get an estimate of the cost of selling a house UK with a calculator posted online, though, so you can at least learn more about the price to sell a house.

Don’t forget, too, that you need to factor in the cost of buying a new place to live, and that can send you on an entirely new mission. You’ll have to investigate things like the solicitor fees for buying a house in 2022 in the UK as well as the cost of removal companies, Stamp duty, and more.

If you’re ready to sell your house, work to learn as much as possible both about the cost of buying and selling a house. That will help you build a true picture of the price to sell a house.

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