How To Sell A House Faster: Our Top 15 Tips

How to Sell a House Faster Our Top 15 Tips

If you’re considering listing your home, your top question is likely “How can I sell a house faster.” Don’t worry. With the average time in the UK to move a home from “for sale” to “sold” topping three months, understanding how to make a house sell faster is an absolute must. Many people wonder what truly pushes homes off the market quickly. Questions like “Does a staged home sell faster,” and “Do I really need to fix that” are likely already swirling in your head. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help sell a house faster like these 15 tips.

Tip #1– Start with a Deep Clean:

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you’re almost immediately going to be overwhelmed with the various tasks involved. This first tip to sell your house faster, though, is one you don’t want to overlook. You have only a single chance to impress a buyer, so your home needs to look picture-perfect. Buyers want a home that looks like it’s fresh out of a builder’s hands, even if it’s not new, and that means it’s time for a deep clean. Your best bet is to hire a professional cleaner. It’s tough to get a “good as new” clean on your own because you’re so used to how you like your home. A professional, though, knows how to hit those spots that you might miss, and that could give you time to focus on the other pieces of selling your home that you can’t afford to overlook.

Tip #2 – Get Rid of the Clutter:

This is one way to sell a house faster than you hear a lot about and for good reason. These days, nearly everyone has way too much stuff. Decluttering is simply the process of getting rid of the items you don’t need. You know that juicer you bought six years ago on Prime Day and have only used once? It’s time to donate it to a local charity shop. The same goes for the clothes that haven’t fit since you were in high school and the toys the kids outgrew three months after they were born. In fact, once you start decluttering, it will be hard to stop getting rid of stuff you know you don’t need now and you’re certain you won’t need it in your new house either. Decluttering can help sell your home quickly in several ways. First, it will help buyers see just how much extra space you have in your home. More than that, though, it will help save you quite a bit of time and effort when the removal company comes. You’ll have less to pack, and they’ll have less to move.

Tip #3 – Depersonalise:

Every stranger who walks into your home is going to want to be able to see themselves in that space, and that’s where depersonalising comes in to help you sell a house faster. If you have children’s artwork on the refrigerator, your partner’s old sports jerseys hanging in the den, or even lots of family photos on the walls, depersonalising is a must. As you work, store away any items from collections (like Beanie Babies) and all of those personal items that are almost everywhere in your house. Don’t worry – you can hang them up in the new house, but all of this work will help those potential buyers imagine themselves in your space.

Tip #4 – Think About Lighting:

Poorly lit homes have a serious disadvantage when you’re trying to sell a house faster. It’s hard for buyers to imagine themselves there, but it might also make them see the space as somewhat smaller and uninviting, even when that’s clearly not the case. To address any issues you may have, turn all of the lights on in the house and open all of the window coverings. Go room by room. What do you see? Is it well-lit enough to see every corner of your house? If it’s not, it’s time to address some of those issues. Make sure the windows are as clean as possible. In smaller spaces where not much light is possible, consider adding mirrors to reflect available light and make a room feel a bit bigger. You’ll also want to ensure your walls are lightly coloured and that you have lightly coloured bedding, rugs, and window coverings. If you can, upgrade any light fixtures that are ageing, and add newer, brighter LED bulbs to every fixture in the house. If you have a space that is still dark, be sure to add lamps on an as-needed basis. As you work, don’t forget to address the outside of your home too. A few outdoor lighting fixtures can help your property look great even in the dark!

Tip #5 – Refresh Your Walls and Trim:

Your walls and trim are something potential buyers will look at in every room of your house, so you’ll want to patch any cracks or holes in either, and add a fresh coat of paint to everything to sell a house faster. That will help give it the clean, fresh appearance you really want. If you’re running short on time, though, make any necessary wall or trim repairs and paint the entrance to your home, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Those are key areas that buyers will focus on as they walk through your home. Not sure what colours to use? Most estate agents will tell you to avoid anything that’s too bold or bright. You’ll want to stick to neutral colours here to help give a space the appearance you want.

Tip #6 – Consider Staging:

Home staging is a fairly new UK trend, and the idea here is that you add new furniture, rearrange, and add a few other traditional model home touches to help attract buyers. Does a staged house sell faster? Most agents will tell you that a staged home absolutely sells quicker. This touch can help a buyer truly see themselves in a home as it makes it look move-in ready. If you’re interested in staging your home, you can work with your estate agent or find a staging company to handle it. You can also rent furniture from a number of different companies to help replace your outdated furnishings and attract more buyers. If you’re still on the fence about the answer to “does a staged house sell faster,” be sure to discuss it with your estate agent before you make a decision.

Tip #7 – Make Small Repairs:

If there are some small repairs that need to be handled around your house, you don’t want to put them off any longer if you want to sell a house faster. Check to be sure there are no slipped roof tiles or faucets that aren’t working properly. Ensure all of your cabinet doors are well hung, and absolutely everything works as it should. This can include repairing any floor damage you currently have (like scratches in wood flooring or carpet tears) and replacing sections of trim or baseboard where they’ve had gouges. Don’t forget to make sure every window and door opens and closes smoothly and without issue, and every screen in the home is clean and in good repair. If you have any spots where water has leaked in your home at any time, be sure you address those issues, too. When you step out during a home showing, people may flush your loo, look inside your cupboards, and even try every tap in the house so if you see a problem, have it addressed immediately.

Tip #8 – Don’t Forget Kerb Appeal:

Kerb appeal is a key factor for many buyers. One study found that 68% of buyers are willing to offer additional money on a property with better kerb appeal, and it’s fairly easy to address this area. Start by addressing the cladding. If it needs to be repaired, do so immediately. If it hasn’t been cleaned in some time, handle that as well. You want the cladding to offer a high-quality look to the home. Consider, too, any hardscaping materials around your home. If you have a path that could use some work, do what you can to repair it. If the driveway could use a power wash, handle that immediately. From there, you’ll want to do a bit of gardening. Mow the front and back lawn, and if you don’t currently have any perennial plants or planters, you’ll want to add that. You want to make it look neat, easy to care for, and absolutely gorgeous.

Tip #9 – Set the Right Sale Price:

Your home’s listing price might be what attracts some people to view it in the first place, so getting it right the first time is absolutely key. Begin by looking at some free home valuation tools to help understand what it might be worth. From there, speak with your estate agent to decide what other homes in the area are going for. After that, you may actually want to pay for a professional valuation so you can nail the price the first time. While that can be an expensive step, it’s one that could help you make a few extra pounds while helping your home sell faster.

Tip #10 – Get a Great Estate Agent:

Many people believe hiring the best estate agent is the single fastest way to get your property on and off the market quickly. Landing on the one person that’s right for you, though, isn’t always easy. Not sure how to find the perfect one? Start by getting recommendations from friends and family members who have recently used an estate agent. Once you have a fairly short list, check the agents’ credentials with the National Association of Estate Agents or other trade bodies to make sure they comply with the highest standards of professionalism. You may also want to look at their listings. Do they have great photos? Are they well written? When you’ve found a few agents you’re happy to work with, interview them. Find out who handles the viewings, what they charge, and whether they have the local knowledge necessary to sell your home quickly.

Tip #11 – Add Great Photos:

Your estate agent will likely take some photos of your property for marketing purposes, but ensure that you’re using a professional photographer to get the best possible images. You want to have the best pictures possible, as the photos tell the story of your home and help buyers decide whether they even want to book a showing.

Tip #12 – Always Clean Before a Showing:

Hopefully, your property will attract plenty of attention, and you’ll have lots of showings booked as soon as you put it on the market. Remember, though, with every show comes the need for a solid cleaning. Everything should be gleaming the moment a potential buyer walks in the door, so do what you can to keep your property tidy on a daily basis. Your agent could stop by with potential buyers at any time!

Tip #13 – Climate Control is a Must:

On the hottest summer days, you want your home to be a cool oasis. During the bitter winter months, you want the home to be warm and cozy. Buyers want that too. Take care to control your temperature during every viewing. Buyers are going to want that perfect temperature the moment they walk into the house.

Tip #14 – Remember Not Everyone Loves Pets:

You may love your dog and your cat, but not everyone is a pet lover, and it’s a good idea to not only take Fido with you before you have your home shown but also to pick up all of his toys. If you have a cat, be sure the litter box is scooped and hidden if possible. Put the pet food away, and be sure the home doesn’t smell like your pets before a potential buyer comes to see it.

Tip #15 – Let Some Fresh Air In:

Opening the windows for just ten minutes or so before a showing can help let a little fresh air in, and that can be a huge step for potential buyers. Even if it’s a fairly warm or cool day, getting the fresh air in can help eliminate cooking and pet odours and other things you may not notice when you walk into your home but potential buyers are certain to smell the moment they walk through the door.

Why You Might Want a Fast House Sale

Why do you even need to sell your house faster? There are several reasons people need a faster-than-average sale time these days. One of the most common, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic, is to relocate for job purposes. Whether the pandemic changed the way you work, pushed you to retire, or helped you realise the company that you’ve been with just isn’t for you, relocating is a major reason to sell your home as quickly as possible, particularly if you already have a job elsewhere.

Another reason many people need to sell their homes as quickly as possible is because of a change in family situation. Whether you’re expecting a little someone new, you’ve had a custody switch, you are working through a divorce, or you’ve suffered the loss of a loved partner, it can be tough to know what to do with the house. Choosing to put it on the market is often the best option to get the fresh start you need.

Some choose to sell their homes because of financial concerns as well. If you’re facing repossession or you’re just not sure how you’re going to continue making the mortgage payment, you may feel completely helpless. In that situation, it may be best to sell your home and make the changes necessary so you feel more comfortable with your finances.

Some also choose to sell because they’re downsizing so they can retire. Often if you’ve spent years in a particular space, it can be tough to know what to do with all of the extra room once the kids move away. Downsizing and selling that home and choosing something of a more appropriate size is a great option in that situation, as it can be a far more manageable space and give you the extra room in your budget to travel or do something else with your time.

Inherited properties are an additional reason many people need to sell their homes quickly. It’s tough to know what to do with a piece of property you’ve inherited, but it can be hard to hang on to more than one property at a time. If you’d rather avoid the hassles involved, selling your home quickly is the right choice.

The Advantages of Selling a House Faster

If you’re ready for a home sale, for any reason, making sure the process is as quick as possible can give you the peace of mind you need most. The biggest advantage is the fact that once you’re done with that home, you can use your time and energy for something much different.

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