How To Speed Up The Sale Of Your UK Property With “We Buy House” Firms

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Selling a property through traditional estate agents often involves lengthy processes of advertising, viewings, negotiations, surveys and conveyancing leading to closings several months down the line. For UK homeowners needing to liquidate properties faster for reasons like emigration, probate, or facing repossession, this slow timeline poses problems. Enter “we buy house” instant purchase firms offering to buy properties outright typically within 1-4 weeks. By trading off slightly lower prices for speed, these cash home buyers provide a quicker sales solution for motivated sellers needing urgent exits. This guide covers evaluating if selling to a we-buy house company could expedite your property sale.

Understand the We Buy House Model

We buy house companies aim to streamline purchases using various strategies. They leverage private funding pools and cash reserves allowing quick offers without financing delays. Limited surveys and due diligence lower costs that are passed as savings to sellers through higher offers. No traditional sales chain means faster transactions are completed once contracts are signed. Specialising in quick purchases means efficient processes to move from offer to completion. Properties are often resold at profit via traditional channels or to landlords and developers. For motivated sellers, these tactics deliver sales completed in days or weeks rather than months.

Assess Why You Need a Quick Sale

Consider if speed truly outweighs maximising sale price. Common scenarios where we buy house firms excel include,  Facing repossession due to mortgage arrears, relocating abroad in a short timeframe, needing probate sales within six months, downsizing due to life changes and relationship breakdowns necessitating a property split. If slower open market sale timelines impede plans, sacrificing some equity for speed may make sense.

Request Quotes From Multiple Cash Buyers

Reach out to several buy-house companies operating in your area for quotes. Most offer free instant online estimates. Asking a few ensures you don’t under-sell compared to potential value. Weigh quotes against each other and against a traditional selling route. While discounts from open market value are common, a credible we-buy house firm should still offer reasonable pricing reflecting true property worth.

Compare Purchase Offer vs. Traditional Sale

Factor both financial costs and non-financial costs when comparing offers. In financial factors, compare the cash purchase price vs. estimates from estate agents. Factor any home staging, legal or moving costs you will save via instant sale. In non-financial factors, consider convenience and hours saved by avoiding open houses and showings. Assess the mental relief of guaranteed sale versus the uncertainty of falling through. Account for the ability to expedite life plans like moving abroad. Run the numbers for your situation, as direct financial loss may be worth fast closure in certain cases.

Inspect Their Purchase Rationale Carefully

Probe the cash buyer on how they determine offers and projected profit margins upon resale. Most we buy house firms rely heavily on online estimates and exterior views rather than comprehensive surveys. Watch for drastic undervaluations based on inaccurate assumptions of renovation costs or property conditions unseen from the outside. Scrutinise their valuation rationale and clarify details to prevent them from anchoring offers too low.

Negotiate Better Terms

Unlike estate sales, we-buy-house offers have more flexibility to negotiate terms since they have funding ready to deploy quickly. Ask for higher pricing if you have multiple bidders. Request more time rent-free in the property post-completion before vacating. Negotiate free removal services as part of the purchase package. See if you can leave unwanted furniture or sheds behind. Savvy sellers can leverage competition for better overall packages despite the speed.

Inspect Properties They Have Resold

Research examples of local properties purchased and resold by the company to assess their business model. At what markup above the purchase price are they reselling? How much renovation is being done? Tracking their activity helps determine the fairness of initial offers made to you and the viability of their strategy. Reasonable resale prices indicate room to negotiate your end price upward.

Limit Renovations and Declutter Beforehand

Since we buy house companies purchase properties sight unseen in “as is” condition, avoid costly renovations or staging simply to maximise offer attractiveness. Their appraisals account for work needed, so improvements won’t significantly impact offers. However, do declutter and clean to prevent them from knocking down estimates for perceived excess clearing needed. Target efforts that maximise perceived value with minimal cost.

Examine Their Funding Sources

Given the rapid purchase timeline, examine how the company sources funding and if their financing is sound. Long-term capital from private investment funds is ideal rather than risky short-term financing models. Request details on the percentage of purchases using their funds vs. third-party financing that could complicate or delay closings. Favour firms on solid financial ground to ensure your quick completion.

Close Only Once Funds Are Verified

Unlike mortgaged buyers, we-buy-house companies should have purchase funds already in place given their cash business model. But verify financing is available upfront before committing legally to contracts and discontinuing property marketing. You want evidence that the buyer has capital ready to dispatch immediately upon closing. Closing prematurely without verified funds risks delays in getting paid.

Use Conveyancers Familiar With Fast-Track

Your conveyancer can make or break the rapid completion, so engage one experienced in handling we buy house purchases. They will know how to expedite the turnaround of searches, leaseholds, title transfers and other aspects that threaten speed. Prioritise those who guarantee defined fast-track conveyancing timetables to oversight the quick legal process.

Act Quickly Meeting Post-Sale Requirements

Once sold, fulfil obligations rapidly after completion to satisfy the quick buyer. Vacate the property fully by the agreed date along with any belongings. Cancel the utility’s effective changeover date and submit the final meter readings. Notify your council and service providers in writing of address changes. Divert mail promptly via Royal Mail’s redirection service. Leave the property fully vacant and operational to new owners to conclude the quick sale.


We buy house companies undoubtedly trade higher potential sales prices for unprecedented speed of sale. Determining if that compromise makes sense requires assessing your unique motivations, timeline and circumstances. For the right sellers with urgent needs, marketing sacrifices may be justified to guarantee the security of a fast, certain sale. Approach we buy house options as informed participants, not passive sellers. Understanding their models in depth allows negotiate the best terms for your situation.

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