How To Stage An Empty House For Sale

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Time to sell your house? Staging is a must. While you might think of home staging only for homes with plenty of furniture, the reality is that if you’re trying to move an empty house on and off the market quickly, you need staging more than ever. Your obvious goal is to get the best possible price for a home; an empty home doesn’t always make that happen. As a result, staging is the only option. What does it cost to stage a home, though, and how does the process even work? This guide will help you make sense of what it will take to stage your empty home for sale.

How To Stage A House For Sale: A Closer Look At Costs

Initially, your concern about staging an empty home is likely to centre on costs, and for good reason. Staging may seem like an expensive proposition, especially if the home is empty. It doesn’t have to cost as much as you might imagine it does. You have two key choices once you’ve decided to stage your home. The first is to work with a professional stager. The second is to handle the process on your own.

Naturally, working with a professional home staging company tends to cost a bit more than you might spend when you staging your home on your own. In most cases, you won’t pay more than £2,000 to a home staging company for an average-sized staging project, and that tends to be worth it. One RightMove study found that a staged home sells for nearly 8% more than one that wasn’t staged, so the money you pay a professional to handle the process could well be worth it. Initially, you’ll probably pay about £300 for an appointment with a home staging company. At the end of that appointment, they’ll provide you with a closer look at exactly what needs to be done and what it will cost you. That helps you get some idea of what you will end up paying.

You don’t have to work with a professional, though. Instead, if you’re on a tighter budget, you can handle the process on your own. Keep in mind, though, that it will take your commitment to be creative with the space you have on hand and at least some physical labour in the process.

The DIY Staging Process – How To Stage A House For Sale On Your Own

If you don’t choose to work with a professional, learning how to dress a house for sale that’s empty on your own isn’t too difficult. It just takes a bit of extra commitment on your part.

Dressing a house for sale initially begins with a look at the outside of the property. Often when you have an empty property for sale in the UK, it looks empty from the outside. First impressions are essential in the world of home sales, so you want your property to look amazing the moment a buyer pulls up. No matter what type of property you have, you’ll want to make sure the outside of it looks as clean as possible. If you have a front and back garden, make sure you mow it. Get rid of any fallen leaves, and trim the hedges. If it’s seasonally appropriate, you may want to add a few plants. Clean the path and the driveway, and if anything needs a quick repair or coat of paint, do so. Make certain you clean the windows as well.

The next step is to be sure the inside of the property is clean. This should be a fairly simple task given that it’s empty, but it’s often an overlooked one. You’ll want to mop and hoover all floors thoroughly. Wipe down the cupboards, and if you have any chrome brass (like handles) in the home, polish them. Clean the windows from the inside, and do what you can to brighten spaces (like replacing bulbs). You may also want to give things a splash of paint to ensure they look as bright and clean as possible.

Throughout your home, anything that needs a quick fix should be addressed. For example, if you have a broken floor tile or a cupboard door that is falling off, repair it. If you find scuffs in the baseboards, touch those up. You want to make it look like it’s clean and in good repair.

When you think of staging, you may think of home furniture, which is often the focus of staging. Many estate agents will tell you that empty property sales go for less and sit on the market longer, even if the home is clean and in good repair. The reason for that is that buyers often have trouble picturing furniture in a space. While you do not have to add furniture to an empty home to make it sell, adding a bit of furniture can certainly make the home sale move a bit faster. Keep in mind, though, that less furniture is more in this situation. You don’t want to create a crowded area.

In the back garden, you may want to consider creating the feel of an outdoor living space with some comfortable chairs and even a firepit. A barbeque and some flowering plants might help as well. In the living room, you may want a comfy space to sit, a large television, a coffee table, and a bit of interesting art. If you have a separate dining area, you want a dining table with place settings and flowers. If not, you’ll want to set up the dining area of your floor plan with the same ideas in mind. The kitchen should look stylish, with a recipe book or two, a wine rack, and a few appliances like the kettle and a coffee machine. The bathrooms should have coordinating towel sets, a few luxury toiletries, and some candles to create the feeling of a luxury spa. The bedrooms should look like a peaceful places. Adding beautiful bed linens and cushions can help. If you have a child’s bedroom, make sure it’s bright and colourful. The bottom line is that each room should have a clear purpose when you stage. If you have a home office, help people understand that purpose with a desk and a computer. If you have a playroom, that should be made clear as well. The more potential buyer can picture themselves living in the space, the better your home will sell.

Make The Sale Of Your House Easier!

Staging a house for sale UK buyers will pick up quickly isn’t complex, but it is a must if you want the maximum selling price for your home. With just a bit of extra work, you could have your empty home buyer ready in just a few days.

As you search for the right ideas to stage an empty house, you may want to look at interior home designs online or sites like Houzz for a bit of inspiration. Learning how to present your house for sale in the UK can be tough, but a little research can help. You may also want to look to various websites like Zoopla and RightMove to get inspiration from homes that are similar to yours in size and price. There are plenty of print publications dedicated to helping you find beautiful looks for your home too that may give you the inspiration you need to put things for a potential buyer to view.  Finally, don’t hesitate to visit show homes in your area to learn what might appeal to buyers in your own space. Just look for open houses and book a visit with an agent. Feel free to take some pictures while you’re there.

Staging your home doesn’t have to be an expensive prospect. Instead, give it just the right touches, and you’re likely to connect with buyers.

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