How To Utilise Exemptions And Allowances To Avoid Capital Gains Tax

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When selling a residential investment property in the UK, capital gains tax (CGT) on any profits can significantly reduce your net proceeds. CGT applies to sales of buy-to-lets, second homes, inherited properties and other properties that don’t qualify for a private residence exemption. Understanding allowances and exemptions that minimise or eliminate CGT provides UK property investors with legal tax reduction strategies.

This guide examines common situations where investors can potentially avoid capital gains tax on property disposals through prudent use of allowances, exemptions, ownership structures and proper inheritance planning. Managing CGT liability lets you retain more of your gains for reinvestment or retirement.

Use your Annual Exempt Amount

The Annual Exempt Amount allows individuals to realise capital gains up to a threshold each tax year without incurring any capital gains tax. This provides a simple way for taxpayers to offset gains they realise annually. 

Leverage Property Reliefs like Private Residence Relief and Letting Relief

Property Reliefs such as Private Residence Relief and Letting Relief can significantly reduce the CGT liability on property sales. Private Residence Relief, for instance, allows individuals to exclude gains made from selling their primary residence from CGT. Letting Relief, on the other hand, offers an exemption on part of the capital gains when selling a property that was previously rented out. Leveraging these reliefs can lead to substantial tax savings, especially for those who are selling their main homes.

Transfer assets to the spouse to double available AEA

Married couples and civil partners have the advantage of potentially doubling their Annual Exempt Amount. This is achieved by transferring assets between each other, allowing each individual to realise gains on assets while making use of their partner’s allowance as well. This can be a highly effective strategy for minimising the overall CGT liability.

Invest through ISAs and pensions which are sheltered from CGT

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) offer valuable tax advantages when it comes to capital gains tax. Investments held within these tax-advantaged accounts are shielded from CGT. By purchasing assets with the intention of capital appreciation within these accounts, investors can eliminate the tax exposure on any gains they make, potentially making these accounts a smart choice for long-term investors.

Offset capital losses against capital gains to reduce the taxable amount

When calculating your taxable capital gains, it’s important to remember that you can offset realised losses on certain assets against realised gains on others. This can significantly reduce the total taxable gain amount, ultimately minimising the capital gains tax due. This strategy is particularly useful for investors who have both winning and losing investments, as it allows them to reduce their tax liability by balancing gains with losses.


While unavoidable in many circumstances, savvy property investors take steps to legally minimise capital gains tax when disposing of investment property in the UK. Exemptions, allowances, transfers, spouse exemptions, and ownership strategies all effectively allow reducing or deferring CGT owed. Seeking tax specialist advice when selling properties or passing to heirs ensures maximising these savings opportunities, including how to avoid capital gains tax on inherited property UK. With prudent planning, investors can mitigate capital gains tax impacts and retain more of the hard-earned gains from their property sales.

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