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Bournemouth is a sublime seaside town, with seven miles of sandy beaches to relish. It boasts properties in sleepy suburbs and charming villages; there truly is something to suit every homeowner. We’ve been buying homes in Bournemouth for 45 years, purchasing plenty of properties from homeowners just like you. We know this resort town inside out, which means we can help you sell your house fast, as we know each of the areas so well.

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Located on the stunning south coast of Dorset, Bournemouth is a key coastal destination. When people think of this town, they envision the wonderful weather, the seaside and think about the countless local shopping opportunities.

This spot may feel remote, but its transport links are impressive, as South Western Railway constantly run train services in and around the area. With many cycle paths dotted around the town, keen cyclists, or those looking to reduce their carbon footprint can get to and from areas within Bournemouth on two wheels.

If you’re thinking about moving to Bournemouth, read on to discover the cost of living here, the things to do and the places to see.

Average costs for Bournemouth

  • Monthly transport pass: £61
  • Cappuccino: £2.84
  • Pint of beer: £3.88
  • Three-course meal for two people: £45
  • Monthly gym membership: £28.57

Best areas to live in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is such an appealing place to live; it’s bursting with glistening bodies of water and sandy beaches – what’s not to love?

Whether you’re looking for a terraced house with a garden or a smart semi-detached home near a highly rated school, there will always be a property in Bournemouth to match your requirements. This really is a location with excellent options to choose from, near and far.


Despite being located in Bournemouth, Westbourne really feels like a quaint little village. Its special charm and unique appeal particularly tempts those that are new to the area, as does its range of highly ranked primary schools. It’s lined with independent coffee shops, grand hideaways and great restaurants. Properties are sought after here; you can expect to pay around £370,124 for a property in this popular location.


Best known for being the seaside suburb of Bournemouth, Boscombe is popular for those who want to breathe in the salty sea air. Located to the east of Bournemouth town centre, it presents affordable living for residents, which is part of its appeal. And, it still offers great primary and secondary schools for families looking to move to the area.


Winton has a great community feel about it, with a mixed bag of people, from students to families. This suburb can be found around one mile north of Bournemouth’s town centre, and it’s east of Wallisdown. There’s plenty going on here for residents to take advantage of, including a great nightlife scene. You’ll be looking at paying approximately £322,371 for a home here.


Families flock to Southbourne, with its quiet surroundings, great schools and not forgetting its host of local cafes at The High St. to dip in and out of. It may be a richer area, but it welcomes all and the people are super friendly. Plus, the houses there are never too far from the livelihood of the town centre. Potential homeowners can expect to pay around £421,576 to live here.

Things to do in Bournemouth

There are so many things for you to explore in this county of Dorset. This amazing location is filled with a wondrous selection of activities, eateries and bars, to name just a few. If you decide to live in Bournemouth, you’ll never tire of the endless events on offer here, that’s for sure.

Stroll across Bournemouth Pier

Everything you could want can be found at Bournemouth Pier – a classic highlight from a brilliant seaside town. Pop into the classic amusement arcade and have some fun, or embrace the gorgeous scenery on a stroll – the choice is all yours! Not to mention, you can sail through the skies on the incredible PierZip – a pier-to-shore zipline that takes you 250 meters above the dazzling waters below.

Uncover hidden bars

Finding a local drink in Bournemouth is so exciting. Unwind in a secret speakeasy: The Library of Liquor at The Larder House. Kick back and relax, admire the vintage surroundings and sip on carefully curated cocktails all night long. Or, seek out The Goat and Tricycle beer house for a perfect pint, hidden away down a side street.Enjoy electric entertainment

Enjoy electric entertainment

There’s a lot to see in Bournemouth, from live music performances, ballet troops and pantomimes to stand up comedy. The Bournemouth International Centre has let popular acts like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga take centre stage. At the Shelley Theatre, you can watch wonderfully written plays come to life and soak up the atmosphere in the oldest surviving theatre in Bournemouth. The O2 Academy Bournemouth is another cultural hotspot.

Coastal cuisine

From a crispy portion of fish and chips by the sea to ice-cold ice cream, Bournemouth takes your tastebuds on a real adventure. Head to Chez Fred restaurant with the kids or your beloved friends; this eatery is coined as the best place for a yummy cod and chips, with a generous helping of salt and vinegar.

The Good Move difference...

Over the years, we’ve purchased hundreds of properties across Bournemouth. As a company, we are invested in helping you sell your home as quickly as possible, and do everything we can to ensure it’s entirely stress free.


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7 days to completion

Estate Agents

3-6 Months to completion
AVG Market Value£100,000£100,000
Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)£0£1,200
Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final Price To Be Paid To The Customer£79,950£81,300
7 days to completion

Estate Agents

3-6 Months to completion
AVG Market Value£100,000£100,000
Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)£0£1,200
Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final Price To Be Paid To The Customer£79,950£81,300

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If you choose to sell your home in Bournemouth, you can put your trust in us to deliver a secure, speedy and easy process. We’re regulated by NAEA, RICS and The Property Ombudsman, plus, we’re proud members of the NAPB. All of this means we are the most regulated cash property buyer in the whole of the UK.

How to sell your house fast in Bournemouth

There are many reasons why you might be looking to sell your house fast. It may be that you’re relocating to a new city for work, you’re going through a divorce, or moving elsewhere to be closer to a school’s catchment area. Whichever applies to you, we are here to help you sell your property.


Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the fastest way to sell my house in Bournemouth?

    Working with a cash house buyer like Good Move is the fastest way to sell your house in Bournemouth. Going through an auction or estate agent can take a few months or so to process, whereas we can purchase your home in just seven days. Simply fill out our online form to find out more.

  • How fast can Good Move buy my house?

    The process usually takes 21 days to complete overall and, of course, we will always work towards a timeframe that suits you. In just three weeks, you could have the cash from your house sale in your bank account, after originally contacting us.

  • Which areas in Bournemouth do you buy houses?

    We buy homes throughout Bournemouth in quaint suburbs like Muscliff, Tuckton and Boscombe, to name a few. No matter what type of property you require, we will have something perfect for your needs and requirements.

  • Can I get an online quote to sell my house fast?

    Yes! Just fill out the online form at the top of this page with your name, postcode and email, as well as your phone number. Within 24 hours, we’ll get in touch and provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer.

  • How long does it take to sell a house in 2021?

    On average, it can take between three and six months to sell a house in 2021, if you choose to sell it with a traditional estate agent. Bear in mind that this could be slower or speedier – it really depends. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your house, the fastest route you can go down is with a cash house buyer like Good Move. In fact, we could purchase your property in as little as seven days.