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Are you looking to sell your home quickly and as easily as possible? Good Move has the solution. We offer you the fastest way to sell your house and can buy your house in as little as 7 days, with cash up-front.

Selling your house to a cash buyer like Good Move is the fastest way to sell your house in the UK. You can find out more about our quick sale services, and how they compare to traditional house buying methods, below. To sell your house quickly with Good Move, all you need to do is:

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  • 3Sell your house fast for cash

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  • "Our sale completed and I received a call asking about my experience with them and whether I was happy with everything. This was the same attention that we got from the start and I must say I appreciated it. They seem to care about doing a good job and were great through out."

    J Brearley Garforth, Leeds

  • "Friendly and very informative staff, max was polite and courteous, very well done."

    Lucy P East End Park, Leeds

  • "Thank you for your help and getting the house sold as fast as you did"

    Rod P Meanwood, Leeds

How to sell your house fast

There are three main ways to sell your house in the UK, which we have listed below. The fastest method is to sell to a reputable cash property buyer like Good Move.

Whatever approach you use to sell your house, it’s important to understand the processes so that you are prepared. These will put you in good position to sell quickly.

  • Quick Sell with

    7-21 days to completion
  • House buyers are able to purchase your property for cash for up to 85% of the market value and usually without any associated legal fees.

    More information
    1. Choose a regulated house buying company

      If you’re interested in selling a house quickly, then choose a house buying company like us at Good Move, that is registered with professional bodies such as RICS, The Property Ombudsman, and NAPB. This will ensure that you avoid scammers and illegal operations.

    2. Get in touch with them

      Your second action is to get in touch with your chosen company. At Good Move we will provide a cash offer in principle (subject to contract, inspection, survey) within 24 hours.

    3. Arrange an appraisal of your property

      If you accept the offer in principle from Good Move, then two appraisals of your property will be conducted by our asset management team at no cost to you. This will be used to create a contract and Home Buyer Report. Subject to the findings of these, Good Move will then provide you with a formal offer to consider.

    4. Review and accept a formal offer

      If you accept a formal offer from Good Move, we will put you in touch with our recommended solicitors and cover all associated legal costs. Alternatively, at Good Move we are also happy to contribute £500 towards all your legal fees if you choose to use your own solicitor.

    5. Arrange a comprehensive survey of the property

      Next, a survey must be conducted to accurately valuate the property. At Good Move, we will ensure that this is carried out by a RICS chartered surveyor. After a satisfactory RICS survey and Report on Title, your fast house sale will be complete!

    6. Receive cash in your account

      At Good Move, we’ll transfer the funds to you on the same day as completion. You can expect up to 85% of the full market value and your property to be sold within 21 days and sometimes even less – meaning you can sell your home quickly and easily.

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  • Estate Agents

    3-6 months to completion
  • Estate Agents are able to sell your house for up to 100% of market value. There is no guarantee of a fast sale and there are various associated fees.

    More information
    1. Appoint a good estate agent

      A good estate agent will help you sell your house as quickly as possible. You can choose between local and online estate agents, and you can also appoint more than one if you want. This can help you reach even more potential buyers, but it generally means you’ll pay more in fees.

      When sourcing an estate agent, find out how they handle house viewings, negotiations with buyers, and communications with solicitors. A good estate agent will help you sell your house fast by having efficient processes in place to get things moving quickly. Also, remember to read the contract carefully and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing. This will help you avoid any delays or extra fees due to the fine print.

    2. Get an accurate valuation

      Like Good Move, the first action for an estate agent is to value your property in order to set a sale price. They will do this by visiting your home and conducting a valuation in person. You can also get a second opinion from other estate agents, free online valuations, and reviewing house prices and recent house sale in your local area.

      Setting your house price accurately and competitively will help attract more buyers and help you sell quickly.

    3. Hire a quality solicitor

      You’ll also have to choose a solicitor to deal with all the legal aspects involved with selling a home. Your estate agent may recommend a conveyancing firm they are affiliated with, but you should compare quotes from other firms as well.

      Your solicitor can help speed up the process of your house sale by working quickly and driving progress in the conveyancing process, as well as cooperating with the estate agents.

      Getting recommendations from people you know could help you speed up the search for a solicitor. If someone you know sold a house recently, ask them which conveyancing firm they used and get a quote for comparison.

    4. Fix up your house and take good photos

      Bad smells and poor-quality photos are among the top things that put off potential buyers. While a house buyer like Good Move will buy any house no matter the condition it’s in, an estate agent will need your home to be presentable in order to appeal to potential buyers.

      Staging your house properly can help you achieve a quicker sale and even make the property appear more valuable. This may require renovations, redecoration or upkeep before your house is presented to potential buyers. Your estate agent will usually come over to the property and take photos for advertisements. This will be the buyers first impression of your house so make sure they are high quality images.

    5. Make the most of house viewings

      Next, it’s time for the house viewings. Your estate agent will organise open house viewings or scheduled accompanied viewings with potential buyers to show them around the property and help it sell. If you’re wondering how to handle a house viewing, the key things to remember are to be friendly and positive, and always prepared to answer any questions that a potential buyer may have.

    6. Negotiate and accept an offer as soon as possible

      The next stage would be to consider any offers that have been made on the property. It’s up to you whether to accept or reject the offer, as it can sometimes be a lot lower than asking price. Do bear in mind that the price is often lowered over time to entice buyers, if your property is struggling to sell.

    7. Exchange contracts

      If you accept an offer, then your estate agent will prepare a memorandum of sale which confirms the agreed price and any other negotiated terms and conditions. This is not a contract and is not legally binding. Both you and you buyer can still pull out of the sale.

      The buyer will conduct a survey on the property to make sure they are satisfied with the condition of property. If there are no issues raised in the survey, your solicitor will then send out a contract to the buyer’s solicitor for completion.

      Issues raised in the survey can stall a sale or result in a renegotiation of the sale price or building improvements that cost you more money.

    8. Complete the sale

      If all goes through, the money for your property will be transferred into your solicitor’s account, who will then transfer it into your account when the money has been cleared. Once the keys are released, your property is sold! This process from start to finish will usually take up to 6 months on average, so it’s not ideal if you want to sell your house fast for cash.

      Before you choose your desired route to sell your house, it is important to make sure have the following information to hand:

      • Details of the legal owners of the property - Does anyone else have rights or charges over the property, e.g. a tenant, a partner, or financial lender
      • Identification documents for owners – including a passport or driving licence and proof of address
      • Contact details and account numbers for any existing mortgages, loans or secured debts on the property
      • Is the title freehold or leasehold?
      • If the property has been inherited - has the title been transferred (assent of title) or has the probate process been initiated/completed?
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  • Auctions

    6-10 weeks to completion
  • Auctions can sell your house for more than 100% of market value but this is not guaranteed. There is also a higher level of associated fees.

    More information
    1. Arrange an appraisal of your property

      Auctions are most popular if you’re wanting a quick sale of a dilapidated or short lease property. The first step is to arrange an appraisal of your property, whereby the auction house will tell you if your property is suitable to sell and how much it is worth. This stage is normally where you set your reserve price.

    2. Agree the auctioneer and commission fees

      After your auction appraisal, you will be required to agree to any auctioneer and commission fees which can be up to 2.5%. With this method, even if your property does not sell at auction, you may still be expected to pay the fees.

    3. Arrange and select a solicitor to create a legal pack

      Surveyors will then be sent to examine your home and take photos and measurements to use as promotional materials. You’ll also need to arrange for a solicitor to create a legal pack before your home can be bought at auction.

    4. Auctioneers promote your property

      Next, auctioneers will begin to promote your property before auctioning to the market. This will be done online, through the press and through auction catalogues. If your property has garnered any attention, your auctioneer will tell you beforehand.

    5. Go to auction

      Finally, you will be ready for auction. This is where people will bid on your property and hopefully it will sell above your reserve price, but if it doesn’t, you may have to try again in a different auction or find a new way to sell your home quickly.

    6. Leave with 10% of your sale price in cash

      If a buyer is interested and the hammer has fallen, your house is sold. The successful bidder will have to pay 10% of the asking price on auction day and then has a month to pay the remaining 90%, so your money is guaranteed within a month.

    7. Pay any final fees

      If your property is sold, you’ll also be required to pay an additional fee to your solicitor for the conveyancing to get the property sale completed with the buyer. Conveyancing fees differ throughout the country, but usually range between £450-£750 plus VAT, depending on the sale price of the property. The whole auction process takes around 2 months from start to finish.

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Why sell your home quickly with Good Move?

If you want your house to be sold as quickly as possible, then you should forgo estate agents and auctions and choose a quick buyer like Good Move instead.

With Good Move, all costs are covered by us, and there’ll be no hidden solicitor, valuation or estate agency fees. Plus, we’ll buy your property directly for cash within 21 days, while estate agents take between three to six months for the money to be in your bank, leaving you more time, and funds, to be able to move on with your future plans.

We will buy your house quickly for cash regardless of its value or condition. There are no chains, no hidden fees, and no long negotiations.

Cash can be in your account in as little as 21 days – sometimes even sooner, meaning you can rely on us if you want to sell your property fast for cash..

  • Over 45 years of experience
  • Fair cash offer made within 24 hours
  • No fees and all costs covered by us
  • No chains – sell directly to Good Move
  • Sell your house or flat regardless of condition

Proud members of...

  • NAPB
  • RICS
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • Trading Standards

We’re proud to be the most regulated property buyer in the market, and are proud members of RICS, NAPB, NAEA and the Property Ombudsman to name but a few. With this level of accreditation, you can be confident in our services and trust that we have everything covered for you.

Sell house fast checklist

If you’ve decided to sell your home to a cash property buyer like ourselves, then that’s great! To make the process even faster, make sure you have these documents to hand:

  • Proof of legal ownership, such as Title Deed: If you want to sell your property quickly, make sure you have evidence of the legal owners of the property in question.
  • Proof of identification: You’ll need to provide legal identification documents such as a passport or driving licence, and proof of address to confirm that you have legal ownership, and the right to sell the property.
  • Contact information for any third parties involved: Ensure you have the contact details and account numbers for any mortgages, loans or other secured debts against the property, if you want to sell your home quickly.
  • Confirm whether the title is freehold or leasehold: If leasehold, is everything in order e.g. management company in place, freeholder contactable, what are maintenance arrangements/service charge?
  • Confirmation of title transfer on inherited property: If the property has been inherited, has the title been transferred (assent of title) or has the probate process been initiated/completed?

If you’d like to try and sell your property on the open market, take a look at our checklist on how to achieve a fast sale.

Download the checklist

Selling a house quickly: how do we compare?

While we may only be able to offer you 85% of your property’s market value, our lack of fees can be a much more attractive option, compared to the route of selling your property through an estate agent.

7 days to completion

Estate Agents

3-6 Months to completion
AVG Market Value£100,000£100,000
Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)£0£1,200
Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final price to be paid to the customer£79,950£81,300
7 days to completion

Estate Agents

3-6 Months to completion
AVG Market Value£100,000£100,000
Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)£0£1,200
Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final price to be paid to the customer£79,950£81,300

The pros and cons of selling property fast for cash

Selling your home to a cash house buyer isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. It’s important you weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision:

  • Receive cash in as little as seven days
  • No hidden fees
  • Investors won’t back out
  • Offer will be below your property’s market value
  • Not all cash house buyers are regulated
  • Some contracts tie customers in

This is why, if you choose to use a cash buyer to sell your house fast, you should always ensure the company you choose is a member of the NAPB.

Is Good Move right for your situation?

Do you need to sell your house fast, but aren’t sure if selling to Good Move is the right thing to do? Take a look at some of the most common reasons why you may want to sell your home quickly.

Read our guides for more information if you have found yourself in this situation!

  • Divorce

    Going through a separation or divorce can be financially burdening. Selling your house quickly and easily through Good Move eliminates selling fees and can help both parties move on.

    Divorce house sale
  • Release Equity
    Release Equity

    You can sell all or part of the value of your house in return for a lump sum paid out in regular instalments. This can help to fund large unexpected costs. Alternatively, Good Move can buy your house quickly in cash and help you avoid the disadvantages of equity release.

    Selling to release equity
  • Moving Abroad
    Moving Abroad

    Emigrating abroad may require you to sell your property quickly. Good Move can guarantee a quick and stress-free sale of your house to help you avoid the slow and lengthy process of selling through auctions or estate agents.

    Selling a house to move abroad
  • Repossession and Financial Difficulty
    Repossession and Financial Difficulty

    For those who have found themselves facing financial hardship, debt distress, mortgage arrears or repossession, Good Move can help you recover your finances by buying your house quickly, for cash up front.

    Stop repossession
  • Broken House Chain
    Broken House Chain

    Unfortunately, one in three house chains fall through, resulting in lost fees. Selling your house quickly to Good Move can help you mend break in the house chain or avoid a buying chain altogether.

    Mending a broken house chain
  • Retirement

    Sell your house fast for cash through Good Move, and you can downsize your house for retirement, help pay for care, or simply provide you with more money to enjoy your retirement.

    Selling your house for retirement
  • Ill Health
    Ill Health

    Unexpected illness could mean that you or your loved one must suddenly move to a new, more suitable house. Sell your home and quickly to us, and we could help you buy a new house or cover the cost of much needed care.

    Selling due to ill health
  • Inheritance

    If you’ve recently inherited a house but do not need or want it for yourself – or perhaps have an unused second property, Good Move can help you sell it quickly.

    Selling inherited property
  • Part Exchange
    Part Exchange

    A part exchange scheme involves trading in your house as part-payment for a new build property. Alternatively, Good Move can buy your house quickly, so you can pay for your new home.

    Part exchanging a house

Frequently asked questions

  • How does it work?

    Selling your home quickly for cash with Good Move is a straightforward process.

    Just get in touch, either directly or using our online valuation form to get started. From here, one of our property buyers will contact you within 24 hours with an offer in principle. This offer is an educated estimate, and may be subject to change upon inspection.

    Happy with the offer in principle? Great! We’ll send our asset management company over to complete two appraisals, which will be sent to our survey team. This is all free of charge, and is a no obligation process.

    Our survey team will then make a formal offer, and once accepted, our solicitors will get to work.

  • How long will it take to receive an 'Offer in Principle' and a 'Formal Offer'?

    Every sale is different, and we’ll establish a timescale that works best for you.

    However, we aim to present you with an offer in principle within 24 hours and complete the sale, alongside providing you with a final offer, within 2-3 weeks, meaning you’ll get to sell your property fast for cash.

  • Can Good Move buy any type of property?

    Yes. Regulated by independent bodies such as the NAPB, RICS and NAEA, we can purchase any type of property in England or Wales, from London, Birmingham and Manchester, to Sheffield, Bristol and Leeds. Discover our full list of locations here.

  • How does Good Move value properties?

    Following your enquiry, an initial offer in principle will be put forward by our advisers.

    If this is acceptable, our asset management company will then instruct two local estate agents, who know your area and the current market inside out, to value your property. This will be usually be followed with a survey by an RICS chartered surveyor.

    There are no costs or obligations for sellers throughout this process.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.