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A walled North Yorkshire city just 24 miles from Leeds and 38 miles from Hull, York's history dates back to 71 AD when the Romans conquered the Brigantes, a tribe that lived in the area. Today, York is an affluent cathedral city that makes a wonderful place to live, particularly for retirees, professionals, and students attending its two world-renowned universities. The city is bursting with ancient architecture such as the city walls, the minster and the castle, and it is also a cultural hub that boasts independent boutiques, bars, and music venues. If you’ve decided to sell your house quickly in York, whether you live in the city centre or in one of its suburbs, Good Move can help you do it quickly.

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If you’re drawn to York’s historical character, surrounding green spaces and busy cultural life, then you might be thinking about moving there. If so, we’ve got all the information you’ll need to make a decision about your move. We’ve saved you from having to do your own research by shedding light on the best things to do and places to live in York, as well as the average costs of living there.

Average costs for York

  • Monthly travel pass: £55
  • Cappuccino: £2.83
  • Pint of beer: £4
  • Three course meal for two people: £53.75
  • Monthly gym membership: £42.22

Best areas to live in York

With so many desirable places to live in York, the hardest decision is going to be decide where to move to!


Sitting two miles south of York city centre, on the east bank of the River Ouse, Fulford is a scenic and historical town named after the 11th century Battle of Fulford, which took place in the area. Families are drawn to Fulford for its excellent schools, sports clubs and shopping outlet, while bus services ensure easy access to York and other nearby villages. Houses prices in Fulford average around £342,878.

Bishopthorpe Road

Average house prices on Bishopthorpe Road and the surrounding streets come in at £645, 000, but with the price tag comes enviable proximity to York city centre, which can be reached on foot in minutes. Bishopthorpe Road is also brimming with quaint boutiques, independent coffee shops, pubs and restaurants, offering residents everything they need right on their doorstep. If you’re after the buzz of the city, easy access to York and a trendy vibe, then Bishopthorpe Road could be for you.


Situated just under four miles north-west of York city centre, Poppleton is a quiet and semi-rural town offering the peace and quiet of greenery and farmland along with proximity to York and Harrogate. Average house prices in Poppleton stand at around £389,390, with terraced properties selling at a more affordable £253,333. With local pubs, a garden centre, and a train station providing regular services to York, the beauty of Poppleton is that it is at once well-connected and packed with amenities, and yet gives its residents a slower and more peaceful pace of life.


This suburb sits 2.5 miles west of central York and only 21 miles east of Harrogate, making it the perfect place for commuters and professionals to set up home. With property prices in the area averaging £241,591, Acomb is also one of York’s most affordable suburbs, and yet it doesn’t fall short when it comes to shops, restaurants and parklands. A great area for first-time buyers, commuters and families alike, Acomb offers vibrancy and proximity to the city centre without costing the earth.

City of York

If you’re thinking of putting down roots in York city centre, you can expect to pay on average £275,094 for a property, and it will more than likely be a flat rather than a house. Central York is the perfect place to live if you’re after culture, hustle and bustle, a wealth of amenities and lots of historical sights, but it is probably best avoided if you favour peace and quiet and lots of greenery. To live in York city centre is to be right at the heart of the action in one of the north of England’s most touristic cities.

Things to do in York

From quaint shopping streets, to charming bars, and – of course, – the Minster, there are so many things to do and see in York.

Stroll along the Shambles

One of the most famous and characterful Medieval shopping streets in the UK, the Shambles is situated in York city centre, and was once lined with butchers’ shops. Today, its restored buildings house book shops, boutiques, independent cafes, gift shops, sweet shops, and even Harry Potter themed shops, as the street is believed to have been the inspiration for the famous Diagon Alley of the Harry Potter series.

Have a guided tour of York city walls

If you’re into adventures and you have pretty good stamina, walking along York city walls is a must when you visit the city. While tackling the full length of the wall will take at least two hours, seeing the fortifications that protected York during the Roman era is an experience you will never forget. Completing the walk with the help of a tour guide will cost you a little more money, but it is totally worth it because won’t miss any hidden gems or points of historical significance along the way.

Appreciate the beauty of York Minster

Located in central York, by Dean’s Park and not far from the Holy Trinity Church, York Minster is one of the city’s most stunning and architecturally breath-taking buildings. Prepare to be blown away by the Minster’s intricate stained glass and medieval stonework, and learn all about the building’s Roman roots, its 2,000 years of history, and the many volunteers who keep it up and running today.

Travel back in time at the Jorvik Centre

Few cities have more to offer in the way of historical sights and learning experiences than York, and its Jorvik Viking Centre, though set in a modern building, is one of the best immersive museums in the UK. Sit back and relax in your carriage as you are taken through dioramas that show life in York as a Viking city. Complete with life-size mannequins, life-like smells, and the sounds of the Viking era, stepping into the Jorvik Centre is like stepping back in time.

Give yourself nightmares with a ghost tour

There’s nothing more thrilling than giving yourself a good fright with a ghost tour, and there’s nowhere better to try your hand at this spooky form of entertainment than historic York. If you’d prefer to walk the city’s cobbled streets and get up close and personal with its most creepy tales, walking tours of gruesome sites are available, but the Ghost Bus is just as good for those who struggle to walk far, or would like to be scared senseless by a sinister conductor!

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Estate Agents

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Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
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Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final Price To Be Paid To The Customer£79,950£81,300
7 days to completion

Estate Agents

3-6 Months to completion
AVG Market Value£100,000£100,000
Final agreed price after survey£80,000£92,500
Estate agent fees (2% VAT)£0£2,200
Mortgage Payments£0£4,780
Solicitor fees (£1,000 + VAT)£0£1,200
Bills and Repairs£50£1,800
Final Price To Be Paid To The Customer£79,950£81,300

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How to sell your house fast in York

We know that there are lots of reasons you might wish to sell your house in York fast. You perhaps want to avoid having your house repossessed, or perhaps you need to make some money quickly. Maybe you’ve inherited a house that you’d rather sell than renovate, or you’ve seen a house you want to snap up but you don’t have time to wait on house chains.


Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the fastest way to sell my house in York?

    A direct cash house buyer is the fastest way to sell a home in York, or anywhere else in the UK. Our own funds here at Good Move allow us to buy your home within 21 days.

  • How fast can Good Move buy my house?

    Our sales are usually completed within 21 days, but if you need to sell your house even quicker than that, then we will take your circumstances into consideration. We could buy your house in York in as little as seven days.

  • What areas in York do you buy houses?

    We buy houses across the whole city of York, including its outskirts and surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if your house is in the city centre or one of York’s suburbs – we’ll buy it within 21 days.

  • Can I get an online quote to sell my house fast?

    If you want a quote to sell your house in York fast, simply fill out our online form. Once you’re done, you’ll receive a free, no-obligation cash offer in just 24 hours.

  • How long does it take to sell a house in 2021?

    If you use the traditional estate agent sale route, and sell your house in York on the open market, it may take an average of between three and six months. If you use Good Move, however, we’ll buy your house in 21 days or less.